Falling on Spiritually Deaf Ears

Have you every spoken to someone passionately, but it was as if nothing you said computed in the person’s mind and your words were falling on #deaf_ears? You could have been playing a trumpet and the face would be the same—blank.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you could meet a brand new person, and within minutes, you find that you are resonating with every cell of his or her body. What do you think causes such a peculiar phenomena? Pheromones? Spiritual connection? Like-mindedness? 

First of all, we are all created from One Source, which means behind all that there is only One Creative Mind. So, even if someone appears to not understand you on this earth plane, it doesn’t mean that person doesn’t hear you on a spiritual or subconscious level. It simply means that they are not supposed to hear you just yet.

Some clients say they have looked at the back page of the newspaper where I had an ad for 2o years and, suddenly, my ad popped out at them. When I would share with them that the ad had been there for 20 years, each client’s jaw would drop. They never saw my name and probably weren’t supposed to see the ad until they were ready to make a shift in consciousness.

I remember a time when I was studying voice in the early years, before I reached puberty. (Well, maybe a few years after.) I had a very strict teacher in NYC who coached many stars. She acknowledged that I finally did something right after a specific instruction.

I replied, “Well, why didn’t you explain it that way before?”

She sneered and said snidely, “My dear, I have said the same thing in the same way in almost every lesson you have had. Go back and listen to your recordings of our sessions, and you’ll see that I’m correct.”

I knew better than to argue with her, but I was determined to prove her wrong.

I can say it with a smile now: She was very right.

Not only did she say her approach to changing my old habit the same way, but I made the same mistakes over and over again until I was finally ready to hear it her way, which was about 10 different sessions. My deafness was a simple matter of #spiritual_deafness. My mind refused to listen to her because I thought I was right.

Psychology Today says in the “Denial of Reality”:

In psychiatry the word “delusion” means a firm belief in some idea which is known to be false, and it can be a symptom of paranoia or psychosis. While the believers in the above untruths aren’t mentally ill, they do strongly adhere to their false credos in spite of clear evidence to the contrary which is presented to them, especially if based on scientific findings.


These Deniers are indeed ‘True Believers,’ for whom there is only One Absolute Truth. They are the very people whom Pope Francis recently called “fundamentalists,” and they are found in all religions and other ‘isms.’ The writings of their texts are taken literally or reinterpreted to suit their prejudices and hates.

As a teacher in later years, I had to realize this truth; otherwise, I would have gone crazy after saying the same things over and over again to students. Us teachers realize that when a person is ready to learn, he or she simply learns. Repetitive teaching is actually a great tool.

How many people do you know who insist that President Trump was the right choice for president, even after all the Hoo Ha that has been going on in the first few months of his presidency, and now, Comey’s testimony today? The republican side needs to be correct. They will fight for their own right to have an opinion until Trump is like President Nixon, impeached. However, I’m sure #49 won’t be as apologetic to the nation as Nixon was. He will be saying something like: “But millions of people were at my inauguration!!!” His followers, I guess, most will be of the same ilk, stubborn and upset that their choice was a bad one. 

Remember: no choice is right or wrong. We would be chastising ourselves constantly if that were so. What is beneficial for you in this moment to learn your highest lesson is always the reason you will make a choice!

The moral of this story is:


When you speak, always speak from your heart with one intent—to shine your light. It is never your responsibility to change someone’s mind. You are responsible for you and you alone. 


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