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Many people inflict violent harm to others, businesses, and communities. Even the most heinous of those crimes must go to trial to be sure someone is rightly accused and convicted. This is a good thing. Have you ever spoken with someone who had been falsely accused, spent twenty years in a penitentiary with the violence and rape in prisons, then because of a new DNA test ended up released from prison? Imagine being that falsely accused person, or someone like Nelson Mandela or a person just doing his/her normal daily duties, who just so happened to look like a murderer. Or worse yet, being accused by a loved one out of vengeance for something such as domestic or sexual abuse. Moving through a trial and accusations is terrible to go through with anyone.

The one time I experienced a false allegation, first hand, was with a client. A husband and wife were filing for divorce. They had three children. The oldest of the children was a 16-year-old boy who became terribly angry at his father for stepping out on his mother with the father’s secretary. After listening to three months of violent fights between his parents, the young boy staged a sexual abuse case against his father. He told a friend’s parents his father had been abusing him. Of course, the friend’s parents brought him to the police station for protection and to tell his story to DCS.

When my client was called to the police station in the middle of the night after thinking her son had been missing for two hours, she was relieved and confused at the same time. Could this truly have happened under her roof? All signs actually pointed to the father not being guilty, but the proceedings went forward, with the father banned from the family until the ugly truth would come out.

After a polygraph test, the father was exonerated, and the child came clean to a counselor at the Department of Children Services. From what I know, the parents were never able to talk to the young boy about what really happened. I don’t believe the father, after four years, has had any kind of healthy relationship with his son.

Though the father wasn’t my client and had hurt the kids and their mother terribly by having an affair, my compassion still flowed toward him. The one time I had been accused of something I hadn’t done was one of the most painful times I had ever had to go through. Even my friends held me accountable until I was proven innocent. Even then, they remained suspicious and probably pulled away from my life, because, later, they became ashamed they hadn’t trusted me. This is not a win-win situation for anyone, even when you are exonerated.

But, my advice remains the same for anyone in this situation, no matter how severe the resistance or allegations are; be your authentic self. Don’t change in the face of someone else’s lies. Find ways to prove your innocence that may be out of the box. With me, I kept telling friends that I would love to get together with my accuser (and them) and talk it through. I had nothing to hide. When my accuser never came to the table; eventually, all of my friends and ministers decided the person making up the story wasn’t me. This process took almost a half a year of my life and lots of painful moment. I can’t imagine a Nelson Mandela story or someone being imprisoned falsely for a murder. These days false imprisonment happens less, because of DNA testing, but even then, you can be a part of a person’s daily life and have your DNA all over a home without being a perpetrator.

Life is difficult. But the law is even more tenuous when it’s up to the accused to find a fail-safe story with corroborating evidence to support one’s innocence. If you just happened to be alone the night of a murder and were watching television with no one knowing of your whereabouts, you are simply out of luck. With the dawn of cell phones and GPS information connected to the phones, just by making one phone call that night when you’re by yourself, can sometimes be the proof you need to show you were nowhere near the scene of the crime, especially if yourself cell phone remained in the on position all night.

I’m not so certain why I chose this subject this morning. It’s a Sunday near Christmas and my heart is thinking about false imprisonment. Maybe I need to do some self-inquiry on myself to understand where my metaphoric heart may be holding fast to a lie from the past. I know I always feel better when I question myself about my thoughts and action. My mind is connected to an intricate network of thoughts and patterns and attachments from my past, like a computer. If I understand the connections, I am most likely to be an observer of my actions than feel I AM my thoughts and actions. Being the observer is a much more powerful place to exist.

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