Fear of Failure

I offer you the premise of creating without the fear of failure. I know one Law with certainty. This Law is the creative energy that manifests the world and everything in it. This creative energy is also a part of you and I. When it reaches out its hand or speaks Its Word, the world listens and acquiesces to Its power. So, too, when we reach out from the oneness of God, we create in abundance and from the unlimited field of Spirit’s subjective mind. This subjective, unshaped and unformed energy is simply waiting to manifest and is at our disposal at all times. So, I ask you this: Can we take that which is God’s, creating from the power of God, and make a mistake?

If you are made in the image of God, then you are a part of God, a son or daughter. So, starting with this truth, can you say that God has made a mistake in creating you? If you agree with the premise that you are a part of God, can you begin to see yourself—exactly as you are—as a beautiful, wonderful, manifestation of the Omnipotent One? Let’s start with this knowledge today and see if we can release from the idea of failure completely.

Say this aloud: “I am a child or a portion of God. The Kingdom of God is within me. Of all of the miracles that Jesus did, even Jesus said that I could do greater things. Jesus was speaking to me! The miracle I am is not a mistake.”

So, Divine Child of God, made of the wisdom of Creator Excellence, you have been imbued with the power to create, just as Jesus or any of the prophets did. I would suggest that the metaphor of this world is that the children of the Kingdom are much like your children and my children—they must learn from trying. Which one of us humans would hand back a picture to a three-year-old child who painted out of the lines and say, “This is Failure! Don’t ever paint again?”

Most parents would hang that first picture up with pride. “Look, this is what my wonderful child created! This is the first step to him/her becoming a famous artist!” We love when our children try, even when they make mistakes. Trying shows fortitude and manifests creative power—those same attributes God expects us to use as spiritual children of the Kingdom.

So, now that you understand the concept of growing up from a child in the kingdom to becoming an incredible and powerful adult, you can see that all of our movement toward maturity is a step, maybe a tiny step, perhaps, toward creating bigger and greater miracles than any prophet on earth. Just as Leonardo da Vinci took years to manifest his greatness, we, too, must labor over our creative work and hone our skills as novice creators. No famous artist comes out of the womb with the perfect expertise of greatness. However, just as Mr. da Vinci said, “Where the Spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art.” And, “Art is never finished, only abandoned!” The seed power is within us. But sometimes our ego, or even the voices from our critical past, often supersedes Truth, causing us to project failure on our path to success. If we stop here, with the idea that we are not good enough or our project is simple or unrefined, then we will never produce Great Art.

You are not a mistake, Child of God. That which proceeds from you in all forms of creating is neither a mistake nor a failure.

Take the pressure off of yourself. Learn to look at your life with a subjective and a compassionate eye. Know, too, that you and everything you create is simply a stepping stone toward the greatest power anyone could be given: the power to use the creative energy within you to dream, sew seeds of power, and learn to work with the universal energy to manifest greatness. This gift is yours for the taking now!

And so it is!

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