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When you consider fear from all sides, you realize that there is only one fear, the fear of God’s ultimate punishment, death. Of course, this is a presumption that death is, indeed, a punishment. Death may be, freedom from the bondage of our human bodies. No one really knows. But, what we do know is that most people truly fear death.

I am not a prejudiced guy. However, as a result of watching too many newscasts recently, I have it in my mind that I should be “watchful” around suspicious looking people, strange scenarios, and unattended packages. In the past month, I have become an Uber driver, more to experience new people and also to be led in a different way. Let’s say being an Uber driver is a spiritual experiment for me. On this particular day, I had a real Uber-epiphany.

I had to pick up a man from a private airport in Miramar, Florida. He was the only man standing in front of what looked like a vacant building. He appeared to be a typical foreigner, wearing a strange, black cap, and had a braided beard. He carried a single briefcase. And spoke with a curt, broken accent. He shared with me where we were going, which was a government building that, I know, is very well guarded from the public.

So, as I drove the 15 minutes from the airport to his destination, many probable possibilities went through my mind. What if I was an accessory to a bombing of this government building? What if the bomb went off in my car? What would happen if an angel interceded and spoke to me as one spoke to Mary before the birth of Jesus: “Quick,” the angel would say, “Jump out of the car! A bomb is about to go off!” How would I respond? Would I quickly escape the car and leave the man to explode in the car by himself.

What I realized in that moment that I was completely filled with irrational fear. I was not afraid of this man or anything he could do to me or the government building. My worst fear was of death or the pain of dying in an unexpected time.

When I looked at the situation, I asked myself an important question: “Am I ready to die? Would I be okay to leave the earth right now? Am I comfortable with how I have lived my life and whom I’m leaving behind? Have I done what I have come to earth to do, everyday?”

When I was able to answer all of the questions, the fear slipped away. I dropped the man off at his destination. And the Uber-Lesson was over!

How do we prepare for death?  Just behave in a manner that you believe is responsible, good and positive for yourself and towards others. This leads to calmness, happiness and an outlook that contributes to a calm and controlled mind at the time of death. Through this positive and compassionate outlook of life, you must always be aware of the impermanence of life and having a loving attitude towards all living things in this transient existence we will be free of fear in opposite to grasping selfishly to life due to not having experienced happiness in life. (UrbanDharma.org)


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