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I spend a great deal of time, sharing how to better your life on Finding Authentic You. Today, I want to explain the possibility of richness in your life, how healthy your body can be, and how mentally stable you will feel simply by following six easy steps:

  1. Acknowledge Source, God, Love, or Spirit (whatever you call your higher power) every day.
  2. Know that you are made by the same, awesome power that IS source. Acknowledge this as well. Say: “This God Power works in and through me now! I believe it to be so.”
  3. Be thankful for the right to have this power and use it to create love, wholeness, compassion, and prosperity in the world, because your very foundation is made of Love.
  4. Reach out from your human paradigm into a cosmological world of possibility. (This is one of the most important steps of this movement toward wholeness.) Imagine that your hands and mind can reach out of your human mind and into a place of pure possibility. What would you do with this energy, if you could plant the seeds of your dreams and thoughts into this energetic possibility, knowing that the seeds will take root, Spirit will water and grow them, if you just believe? Would you begin supporting a new life in this world of possibility? Or would you let all of this unused energy just lie there?
  5. Then, release your dreams, aspirations, and desires to the Law, knowing that the only means of Spirit manifesting on this earth plane is through us humans. The Law of Source is the highest law in the land. If the Law proclaims you are a child of Spirit, that there is a Law of Mind working for you and as you, and that you are now and have always been loved, blessed, and prosperous—this Law will come to pass. No doubt!
  6. The last thing you must do is believe it is so. Simply say: And so it is!

These six steps are foolproof. I use them everyday and simply cannot feel better, happier, and more and more in the presence of love every day and moment, than I do now.

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