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I know a great deal about the fermentation process to make beer, because I actually made it once when I was a child, but I had no idea about the fermentation process when a person becomes anaerobic during exercise.

Fermentation is an anaerobic process in which energy can be released from glucose even though oxygen is not available. Fermentation occurs in yeast cells, and a form of fermentation takes place in bacteria and in the muscle cells of all humans, as well. When muscle cells contract too frequently—as in strenuous exercise, they rapidly use up their oxygen supply. As a result, the electron transport system and Krebs cycle slow considerably, and ATP production (Cellular Respiration) is slowed.

However, muscle cells have the ability to produce a small amount of ATP through glycolysis in the absence of oxygen. The muscle cells convert glucose to pyruvic acid. An enzyme in the muscle cells then converts the pyruvic acid to lactic acid. As in yeast to make beer, this reaction frees up the NAD (Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) is an essential metabolite in all human cells. It plays a key role in cellular metabolism within the “powerhouses of the cell”, the mitochondria). While providing the cells with two ATP molecules from glycolysis, eventually, however, the lactic acid buildup causes intense fatigue, and the muscle stops contracting.

This is why muscles ache when we over do it during a workout. Even though your trainer says to soak in a hot Epson salts bath and drink lots of water, you may have less aches by taking her advice, but the process of cell fermentation still exists, and so will aches and pains.

You may be wondering why I’m explaining this is an, otherwise, spiritual blog. Well, I have a reason… and you probably were just waiting for it. Right? Yes, Bo’s experience with life, exercise, and spirituality have collided once again.

I had been exercising about two hours a day for a month, now, without a deliberate break, trying to get release this beautifully cherub-like pudginess between my ribs and hips which has risen to a 20 lb. all-time high. As part of my new diet, I have also kept my caloric intake to 500-600 for five meals a day, resulting in a whopping 14 pound loss in a month. Not only that, I have lost about 75% off that cherub-pudginess. However, yesterday, I couldn’t get out of bed to go workout. Every muscle in my body ached. Every ounce of energy in my brain was gone, as well. And I didn’t even want to meditate or pray. This is unusual for me. I’m highly motivated, especially when I have a goal in mind.

So, one absolute for me, now, is to listen to my body and ask the appropriate questions of it. I, then, ask Spirit to teach me any lessons I need to know. “Fermenting Lessons” was the result. It’s a simple lesson, yet an important one. Here it is: When you decide to change your life and make deliberate change in your diet and exercise regimen, give yourself a day every once in a while to take a break. If you don’t rest, you’ll end up fermented and tied in knots like I was.

Let’s take this a step further with spiritual or psychological development (with the exception of any 12-step issues), give yourself a break one day a week. That’s what “a day of rest” is meant for traditionally in the Christian culture. This resting time actually helps your body recover and build stronger muscles. With the diet process, if your body goes into starvation mode from too much dieting, you won’t lose weight anyway. So, you have to let your body know it’s not starving by giving yourself a SMALL treat every once in a while.

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