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As I walk my dog, Coco, every morning, I usually say my Morning Prayer or treatment. I gaze up into the dawn sky and, immediately, feel the majesty of Source. I don’t have to conjure any thankfulness or gratitude for the beauty of this moment. I simply take in the exquisite panorama of all that encompasses me.

What I noticed this morning was that all things around me move forward in nature—expanding, engaging in the stages of growth, and doing all of this without fear. If I am one in and as Source, then I must also be a conduit of the ever-expanding power of Source living, moving, and breathing all around me. I’m faced, though, with the human problem of fear. Fear stops all movement and growth in me. So, how do I remove the inhibitor of fear?

Brain vs. Mind

Fear resides in the brain, not in the mind. Fear is born of humanity. The mind, however, is born of Source and has no constraints. The brain is a human object of gray matter with neural pathways set up to either constrain us or liberate us. Our minds are infinite, bearing the resemblance of Divine Mind, constantly creating and expanding like the universe.

Most people have not had ideal childhoods. So, in the human brain are many neural pathways connected to fear, like electrical connections set up to cause a myriad of mostly negative reactions. Can we help that when we connect with something from our past or even a recollection of some negativity that fear floods the frontal cortex of the brain and consumes us?

The answer is maybe. I know no one wants to hear that the possibility of ridding the dreaded fear and anxiety from our lives is a big maybe. But, I write the truth. I say, maybe, because not many people have the wherewithal and the moxie to continue to grow spiritually and mentally throughout their entire lives. But it takes consistent and repeated efforts to capture and annihilate fear with the power of Divine Consciousness. In other words, a greater mind exists than the one in your human head. To rid your self of fear is to connect with that greater mind and stay in its perfect peace, instead of in the human consciousness, born of fear.

The Apostle Paul said to take every thought into captivity. I know many people don’t like Paul because of some of his views about so many different “sins” and his ideas of sin consciousness. But, Paul did have some wisdom when he spoke about overcoming the thorn in his own flesh. No one knows what his thorn was, but not knowing that nature of the thorn makes the apostle’s advice generic, in nature. Any thorn in the human flesh—any problem with our humanity—requires us to take every thought into captivity and do self-inquiry, exchanging the painful thoughts for Universal Conscious thoughts. You may know some of these Universal thoughts as affirmations. Affirmations are truths that cannot be denied.

This morning, as I walked Coco and prayed, I checked my mind for fear. I felt some resistance around prosperity. In that moment, I took the thought of lack into captivity, released it to Source, and exchanged my negative thought for the idea that my mind would much rather grow and expand than be inhibited by fear. In that moment, I connected my human mind with a great belief—a universal law that I believe wholeheartedly. So, in that moment, I felt a grand release from my soul. My consciousness merged with the Divine for a moment.

Now, as I go throughout my day, I will remember this moment and bring it back to mind whenever any fears of lack come into my human consciousness. Find and Replace!

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