Finding Your True Purpose

Most of us spend our entire lives working, making enough money to pay the bills, supporting the children, paying the rent, making money for food, and satisfying personal needs; yet, very few of us truly find our purpose in life. Only 20% of us find a job that really brings joy to our hearts and lives daily.

The Business Insider online says that in 2010, 80% of people “hated” their job—not just dislike—hated! That makes me crazy. How can that be?

I had a client who had aspirations of being a country singer and songwriter. He came to Nashville, met a woman simultaneously, ended up getting married. Soon after, his wife became pregnant.

He began writing and working a part-time job, while his naïve wife told him she would work, while he pursued his dream. Soon, of course, she was unable to work because of the infant. They couldn’t afford daycare. He ended forced to take a job in construction, he didn’t really enjoy. He especially hated the job when it would rain, and he would have no income for the day. The job would be postponed because of weather. It was now essential he came home with a certain amount of money, as he had the responsibility of child and wife and a home.

To make the matters worse, in the next three years, the couple had two more children—unplanned. Now he had to step up his game and create a construction company of his own. He then worked 10-12-hour days, six days a week, and hadn’t written a song or had sung a song in four years.

He was depressed and could barely get out of bed in the morning. But when three children jumped on top of him and screamed, “Daddy, Daddy, I’m hungry!” and Mom had left because of Dad’s depression, there was little to do but get up and spend the rest of the day being the dutiful father.

This man now has the money for daycare, but really no time to even enjoy his children. He wants his life back and wants a job that brings joy to his life. I certainly understand, but wonder exactly what a life coach can do at this point in the game.

I suggested carving out time just for him. He looked at me with a quizzical stare. Really? When? Where?

I asked if he had someone he could trust to run the business for him, when he wasn’t in charge. He, again, looked at me like I was a crazy man.

I told him the first order of business, then, was to begin to farm out some of his responsibilities to people he trusted. He had to find someone he could hire to help him; otherwise, he could never get out from under the water. He was drowning.

So, after the first week, he interviewed a few people, and discovered that one of his cousins was interested in helping out one day a week for extra money. I told him to pay his cousin a fair wage and to take the day off. Keep the children in daycare or school. Use the day to write music or watch television or just sleep.

He took my advice, wasn’t out that much money, and actually enjoyed one day of fun. The next week he began to look forward to the time off. Soon, he was making plans to write with old songwriter friends. Eventually, he did get a cut with a major artist, which led him to be able to take two days off a week. Eventually, he got a few more cuts. Soon he sold his construction business to his cousin and now writes music fulltime.

You have to make a plan and stick to it to get what you need out of life. There are ways. Yes, you may have to sacrifice the BMW for a couple years. But, trust me, you will be much happier driving the Honda to art class than you will the BMW, if art is what your soul desires.

We are made in the image of Creator God. That means, we all have the deep desire to create something special from our lives. We have Spiritual DNA that is compassionate, loving, prosperous, and all-knowing. Within each of us is not only the desire to find purpose, but the will to get it done at any cost.

Find that power within you. It’s there. It may be buried deep inside your 100 personal daily duties. But it’s there.

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