Five Steps to Avoiding Negativity #negativethoughts #anxiety #sadmemories

Here are five steps that will change your life, will dissolve any negative thinking that causes you anxiety, and will help you define a better and healthier lifestyle:

  1. Do your own thinking! Don’t let the world or anyone in your life think FOR you. We spend our lives being judged by others. Sometimes, we believe other’s judgments are the truth. What you believe about yourself matters. Other’s beliefs about you simply are not the truth. Everything you think about yourself will eventually find its way to the surface and express itself completely. So, if you let others judgments get inside your mind, you will eventually BE what other think you are.
  2. Back off! Step away from other’s lives and your problems. Take time to observe your problems and joys present right now. If you deal with issues from another person, see what the situation would feel like if you let go of expectations. Don’t expect anyone to change. Remember that everyone has a right to be miserable. You just don’t have to be miserable with him/her.
  3. Think about what you are saying YES to. Are you going on through life saying yes or agreeing with things that don’t resonate with your soul or ideals? If so, start saying no! Sometimes our curse in life is that we are too kind and people take advantage of us. If this is the case, usually our life load is heavier than others, making life more difficult to manage. Start saying no, when you simply don’t feel as if you need another thing to manage.
  4. Argue with your own negative attitude! When something anxious or debilitating goes through your mind, argue with it. You would not let others feed you the kinds of negative thoughts your own mind feeds you. So, why not argue with your own mind. What you will do is force yourself to make better, more accurate, assessments of reality by using self-inquiry.
  5. Learn HOW to think, not WHAT to think! This is the most important aspect of these five steps. In traditional religion, we are all taught that things are either bad or good. The laws of our country teach us what we should and shouldn’t do. Parents, family, and friends give us their opinions about what they think.

    So, basically, we are nudged into WHAT to think about life and ourselves. There is nothing autonomous or powerful about spending your life in other’s beliefs. Begin to understand yourself—your wants, your spiritual beliefs, and your truths. You will make great strides forward in your life, if you begin taking steps towards being a strong believer of your own truth. Then, it will be easier to walk in the pathway toward your perfect desires with strength and fortitude. You’ll be a better person for it!

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