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Someone once said to me that, if I could understand my reason for being here on earth, I would find peace. I have found many reasons to contribute to humanity, but true peace often eludes me. With what measure we give to humanity, should we expect back something in return? Can we actually know what life owes us for our mere existence on this earth? Or are we causing a spiritual debt with each lie, fear, or anxiety?

“Okay, God, I am doing my best to be a good person. I help people every day. I put aside my own wants for the greater good. I try to love unconditionally. I forgive those whom no one else wants to forgive. I preach about truth to anyone who will listen. I make a joyful noise. But, what do I get in return? Is there something… anything?”

This often is the prayer that plays in the background of our minds, when things go wrong or if someone treats us unfairly or our hearts get broken from a breach in trust with someone we love. Will peace ever be ours to hold on to forever? Or, are we expecting something tangibly intangible in reciprocity for all that we do?

Debt. Debt. And more debt.

Every time we do something good and expect a return for our deeds—even in loving another person as close as your partner—we are tallying up the debt in our minds. Eventually, when we do not get a pay out, we will realize that we are like the gambling addict who has lost everything, waiting for the big pay-off. Eventually, we walk away from life rejected, dejected, and feeling worthless.

How in the world do we change a paradigm of reciprocity that is so deeply engrained in our minds and bodies? We work to get paid. We love to get love back. We have children to have someone to love unconditionally, but somewhere in our minds the expectation becomes unconditional love in return. We plant a garden to get crops. We go to college in expectation for a brighter future. Almost everything in our human life holds a reciprocating reason for doing it or achieving it.

These thoughts are deeply engrained into the attachment processes of our minds, wired like the telephone circuitry of a multi-million dollar business office. How many debts are we going to leave on hold, while we wait for our one blessed return to answer our prayer for peace, or love, or prosperity?

Have you considered living life without expectation? What would that be like? Loving without expecting anything in return. Learning because we want to understand. Working because it feels right. Is it possible to live life without the expectation of reciprocity?

Today, simply consider how many actions you take in life expecting some kind of return, even if you absolutely know you will never get it.


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