Fixing What’s Not Broken

Fixing What’s Not Broken

There is one thing that needs to be fixed that isn’t broken, and that is the power of our mind. It is said that we use just about 10-20% of it. What about the rest of it?

I was having some chest pain a few months ago. I called my primary care physician at Vanderbilt. He said, “You should come in ASAP.” I went in the next morning for the earliest appointment.

My regular doctor wasn’t there, but his boss took his place. She took an EKG of my heart and said, “I don’t want to alarm you, but in a minute or two there is going to be a gurney in here to rush to the emergency room. I believe you are having a heart attack!”

“Oh,” I said, the sweat beads collecting formidably on my forehead. My mother had just been released from the hospital for a triple by-pass. “Really, God?”

So, after a battery of tests and couple of very adorable doctors checking every orafice, they decided it must have been indigestion. We’re talking $50,000 worth of tests later and about 10 hours of my life. Not to mention my family and friends and partner’s worry.

Nothing broken, nothing fixed.

This got Bobo thinking, of course. How many people are out there “thinking” or “believing” they have something and really don’t have a disease at all? And how many doctors are treating symptoms that essentially are made up?

I once had a parent bring in a child for hypnotherapy because of migraines he said that were 10 on a scale of 1 to 10. He was 16 years old and stopped going to school and basically was losing his life as a sports star as well. His mother wanted her child back.

But when I would get him alone, he acted as if he had no pain, though, he said his pain level was at 10. Now, I have had migraines at 10, and I know how they made me feel. I couldn’t have been talking to anyone. I would have been hulled up in bed with an ice pack on my head, in a dark room, with no sound, with heavy compression on my body with lots of pain medication. It was very clear to me and to the therapist who sent him to me that this was psychosomatic.

Eventually, it was discovered that the mother was overbearing and trying to control the child, and she was the one who needed therapy, not him. When that came to pass, his migraines suddenly went away.

But, I tell you, all that because I know she spent at least $5000 trying to find a cure for the child’s non-illness. I guess you could argue that it was a psychological illness, but I think you get the point.

If we could harness the power we use to create illness, imagine what we could do to create health. That same creative power is within us to imagine perfect cells, a perfect mind, blood that is rich with oxygen and white blood cells fighting off disease. Yes, we all have that power within us, if we would just spend some time each day focused on the healing of our bodies, instead of avoiding the very quiet that would bring us and our minds to total peace.

There is one thing that needs to be fixed that isn’t broken, and that is the power of our mind. It is said that we use just about 10-20% of it. What about the rest of it? Could it be used for what I’m talking about? When Jesus said, “Physician, heal thyself!” was he talking to you and me? Was he saying that we have the power to create health in our mind and body just by thinking and believing it to be so?

Me thinks He was!

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