Fleming Accidentally Kills Phlegm!

Alexander Fleming made a chance discovery in a discarded Petri dish in 1928. The mold that had been contaminated in an abandoned experiment turned out to contained a powerful antibiotic, penicillin. Was it chance or destiny that the random, untidy acts of a bacteriologist caused a monumental change in the treatment of bacterial infections in the 1940s?

Remember how a candle maker accidently found Ivory soap in the days when bathing in a river made floating soap an anomaly? Could ideas be floating around like this soap, in the ethers, simply waiting for someone to observe and apply the principals of creation to what is in our every day life?

I absolutely know this to be so. About 20 years ago, I came up with an idea that was called “Toss ‘n Sauce.” Basically, I created five bottled sauces that could create instant dinners by adding noodles, vegetables or meat. I could not find a backer for the project. Twenty years later, almost every large manufacturer of food has a version of this kind of sauce creation for quick meals. If I had pursued the idea harder, could I have been a millionaire today? Maybe.

My dad was a great inventor. He implemented a way to color Easter eggs by affixing a small motor to two tiny cups to hold an egg. The motor would turn the egg so that his children could color eggs with a Q-tip and egg coloring. Every person who saw the device told my father to patent the device. He never did. Years later, the company, Paas, came out with the same idea and have sold millions.

Facebook had more than one person enveloped in its formation and discovery. A few people implemented some similar ideas coalescing to become what we know as the world’s most famous way to connect with friends and family.

Ideas, like God, are an unlimited source of power emanating from a place just beyond our deductive grasp. If we could get quiet enough, then that, which is invisible, could easily manifest in our minds to become the next great invention. Perhaps, you could be the next inventor of a grand idea that goes viral—or bacterial. (That one was for you, Alexander.)

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