Fleshing Out the Problem: Human Rights and Higher Anxiety

Women’s rights, gay rights, immigrant’s rights, human_rights in every culture are being disrupted. The list grows every day with every indictment handed down by the Right. Someone, somewhere eminently tries to diminish another’s rights in order to achieve his or her own selfish rights. Instead of borrowing from the rich to give to the poor, we have encountered the greatest problem in America: the wealthiest Republicans want to take from the poor to get even richer!

I get it that the upper class feel as if they have worked hard to achieve their nice level of financial security. However, not looking at the entire picture of security and health helps no one, not even their own bulging pockets. If you make the poor, poorer, you recreate enmity in society that results in more crime. The bigger problem is that being short-sited and not looking at the entire picture is simply not spiritual or healthy for anyone. We cannot do this if any portion of society seeks to hoard all of the resources.


Example: One intelligent, wealthy man goes to Africa to help a native tribe living in poverty without electricity and with poor health conditions. This man offers to help these natives to get pure water, medicine, better living conditions, and food enough to never have to worry again. However, the intelligent man secretly has always wanted the oil that lay rich beneath their grass huts.

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Continued from Above:

The natives in this country who are willing to give up the land beneath their mud homes have been blinded by the idea that they have beed helped, like Western medicine that cures the symptom, but not the cause of the disease. The naïve natives don’t realize and probably won’t ever realize that if the wealthy man helps them sell the rich oil beneath them, they would not need minimal financial help. They would have unlimited resources for themselves, enough to hire anyone to build, develop, and teach each of them to have amazing lives with money to spare.

However, the intelligent man uses his abilities and ideas to manipulate and scam the poor natives. The scammer feels okay about what’s he’s done, because he has ultimately helped a poor natives who never knew about the wealth beneath them. He can now tell his friends and associates he has done a valiant deed and will fulfill his human pride for the ages, even though he has raped the natives to get richer.

Deep down inside, though, this intelligent man understands that he has stolen from the poor. He must know. He reasons away the guilt to help him appease the remorse of stealing from them—for now.

What happens when this important lesson and the guilt from it continues to follow this man throughout his life. The anxiety ultimately gets stronger and stronger? He can’t give enough of his money away now to charities to appease the horrors of his past business with the natives. He eventually has a heart attack because he can’t face his own consciousness.

The problems in most of our lives are easily discerned. We know exactly why we live in anxiety. However, most of us are afraid to face the facts—boldly—and flesh out what we have done to cause us to be faint of heart.

Anxiety attacks us in our weakest place. If we have robbed someone of rights, money, or health, anxiety will attack us in the place we are weakest (health, relationship, spirit, or finances).

Another example but with a different consequence:

A man has 4 children, a nice home, a good business, a beautiful wife, and lives in a great part of town. On the surface he appears happy, seems to have everything he needs to be smiling in most of his Facebook pictures.

What we don’t know is:

This man has been living a duplicitous life. While playing the part of husband and father, he has been having a clandestine affair with a man for eight years. The stress of living two lives has gotten to his heart and health.

Bad energy—any energy must go somewhere, so it goes to the weakest part of the body.

(NOTE: If the problem had been nature based, like misuse of land, then the weakest part of the earth would rebel by causing a sink hole or landslides. Energy must go somewhere. Most often if something is causing a problem, even the earth will cry out for help from its weakest place.)

After avoiding the problem of living two lives, this family man has gone through rehab twice, struggled getting an erection on his once-every-three-month date with his wife, and every kind of work he attained did not satisfy his soul. Why? He keeps lying to himself on a conscious and subconscious level.

Can this in-the-closet man ever find true happiness and peace? I don’t believe so. The best he can do is search for some kind of salve to temporarily make him feel better.

The boyfriend finally leaves him. Anxiety and remorse punch him in the heart, his weakest place. The married man goes on a drinking binge and sobs in the closet while trolling his ex-boyfriend’s Facebook page. It makes him sad, but seeing his boyfriend’s smiling face calms the part of him that knows he would have been, could have been happy had he had the courage to face his Truth and live an authentic life.

Fleshing out the problem in life doesn’t always leads to happiness. Most of society is not willing to sacrifice security for authenticity.

Isn’t this the problem in the government as well?

The Democrats look to find authentic, organic answers for the whole—albeit, an holistic answer to problems, while the Republicans want to spend more money on guns to kill off the adversary to feel secure.

We can take the two metaphors above to -nth degree:

What would have happened if the man in my first example would have simply bombed the small village and had claimed the oil as his own after killing the lives of the villagers?

In my second example, what if the married man had killed his boyfriend when he wanted to leave a relationship that was going nowhere? Would the rich man ever been able to run away from the negative energy that he caused? Would the married man have stopped the bleeding of his own heart by killing off the only true love he had ever known?

In either case, the wound to the societal whole of either soul becomes worse.

This is the problem with America today—in March of 2017. Instead of taking the high road and allowing time and positive reasons to bring all of our lives, the land, and society to a higher consciousness and ultimately make the changes needed to protect everyone, the Republicans continue to make rules and indictments against parts of society to keep them oppressed but, in some ways satisfied, leaving immorality and impotence in its wake. What will ultimately happen is that this negative energy will seek to heal itself by attacking the weakest part of the energy causing the problem.

This is why the infighting will continue until the decimation of our human rights is restored.


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