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Today’s lesson is what to do when skeletons from the past float to the top of your reservoir of positive energy. In the past few discoveries, we have looked at creating a space for Divine Energy to flow in and through you. But, I have not talked about when your reservoir of energy gets clogged with objects or skeletons from the past. Today, I’ll share ways to reduce the likelihood of your energy getting stuck because of the past.

I am very serious about my work and about creating a positive atmosphere for my dreams to effectively come into fruition. From the ideas of my mind, I can see all around me the effects of this positive, daily treatment. My life has changed completely in the past year. Positive people are in my life, the right and perfect work appears, prosperity flows, and, ultimately, joy and peace accompany all of this.

I would be lying, though, if I said that it was easy to arise and meditate at 5 a.m. without a conscious battle of will. You’d, also, know I was being untruthful, if I told you I had never had a problem with money flowing, or a challenging friend or family member impeding my peace, or not receiving everything I pursued.

But, the physical manifestations of struggle only hinder me when I pay attention to them. When you move quickly to your next step in life, you will easily realize that not everyone can get every job. The rain has to fall equally on the entire earth; otherwise, people starve. So, you see a pattern that suggests, no matter what the result, you keep a positive attitude on your pathway to freedom and truth! That’s the first rule.

The biggest and most constant issue is when the mind—which is the receptacle of all of this great God Energy—gets clogged with stories from your past. For instance, if your mind were filled with images of an ex-boyfriend and how much you still hurt from his lies or your break-up, then you would never have space in your mind for ALL of the good just waiting to be birthed through you. You must, must, must… get rid of the skeletons from your past.

I notice that my mind holds on to people and the past in the form of stories that, for the most part, might seem innocuous to some. For instance, I have an ex who has a son, who has been a problem child. To think about his child may not seem like a negative thought; but, when you consider I have trained my mind not to think about my ex AT ALL, to provide more space for my good; then, you would realize that my mind is using my exes’ son to fool me into thinking about my ex. Alas, using that same space I have cleared—or thought I had cleared—for my good. So, even though my thoughts might not be about hurt, I am STILL clogging the source for my good to flow. I must get rid of ALL of the skeletons from the past. As these thoughts become obvious, this is what you must do to keep your mind clear for your good to appear in your life:

  • First, recognize the source of the problem. Be clear in your mind about which thoughts stop you from focusing on your good. You’ll be absolutely shocked at how much time and space you waste on the past.
  • Every time you catch yourself thinking about him or her, or lack, or fear of losing your job (whatever the challenge); you must take a dip into your reservoir of good, gather the dead bones, and dispose of the waste from your past.
  • Imagining an effective way of disposing of this past is the key to making a positive mental shift. I imagine a large furnace next to my reservoir of good. When bones come up from my past, I gather them, and into the furnace they go.

Eventually, your mind will get tired of wooing you into its maze of negativity. You’ll be free, someday, of all of the skeletons from your past. This day of complete freedom may not be today or tomorrow, but eventually, your mind will be at peace and clear, because YOU have become a constant investigator of your thoughts. Making space for your good means taking control of your mind and thoughts NOW!

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