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Researchers show that 50,- to 70,000 thoughts go through any individual’s mind per day and 35 to 45 thoughts a minute surge through our busy brains. The question is: How many of these thoughts are initiated by our own consciousness, and how many are simply stimulus from outside events?

How do we control what comes in and out of our
minds in any given minute?

In the “2 Corinthians,” the apostle Paul says, “we must take every thought into captivity!” I wonder how anyone could consider 70,000 thoughts, let alone take each one into captivity. The answer lies somewhere in the concept of becoming the observer of one’s own thoughts and self-inquiry.

Thoughts and feelings fire from your brain for many different reasons and from various stimuli. Some we can control, but most we cannot. So, limiting the amount of thoughts that you actually accept as your own is the only concept I’d like to focus on. For instance, you are driving down the street. You see three people crossing in front of you at a light. A thug robs an elderly woman as you wait. What goes through your mind? Perhaps, a few different idea chase your attention.

  • Run down that thug with your car.
  • Go help the older woman.
  • Is anyone else watching and trying to help?
  • This isn’t my concern. I’m already late for work.
  • Should I get on the phone and call the police?

All of these thoughts may go through your mind at the same time. How do you figure out which on to focus on which ones to ignore? This is generally when anxiety begins to fill the mind, because of too many thoughts and too much stimuli. Add to this the fact that you, the driver, may have been robbed once yourself with a knife at your neck. Now you have a PTSD moment happening at the same time, which means your body may be reacting even before your thoughts have a chance to reach your deductive mind.

So, to expect a positive reaction to the scenario above would difficult if you have not spent many hours practicing the process of becoming an observer or your own thoughts. Also, you must learn to ask thoughts questions, as well, if they are guests knocking at the door of your mind. Do you really want to let the thought, “Run him over!” into your mind and accept it as your own?

Tune in tomorrow for more about this. Bo

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