Flying by the Pleat of Your Shorts

Two months ago I heard a new water colour painting class was beginning in the condos where I live. It was a free class offered by a generous and talented man. I thought it would be a great way to share the insights of my husband, who is an amazing artist and graphic designer.

I bought the needed instruments and set out for the first night. I don’t know about David, but I was excited to start something new and different. I hadn’t taken a class in a while that shared brand new ideas. I have taken classes that were in the realm of something I do already, but nothing that was a new challenge.

I asked a great deal of questions the first few classes. I wanted to understand every nuance completely. This is my nature. I want to know enough of what I learn to be able to teach it. This is when I know I have grasped a concept.

I’ve always been this way. Some people want to know just enough to do. I’m the opposite. In fact, I have ended up teaching many of the things I’ve learned. One example is that I’m helping children on Skype with Spanish classes after studying only 3 years. This gives me the opportunity to help and review what I have already learned, honing the skill that may have withered away had I not found a way to keep my mind fresh.

First Painting

After the third of fourth art classes, I started to feel as if I really began to understand what I never knew before with art. I understood and could actually see layers of color and shadows. Before, when I was a kid and was unsuccessful at art, I would try to draw outlines and find that I never could get the process correctly. Of course, I good teacher solved that problem. Suddenly, I was able to paint what I saw in my mind.

I’m an artist by nature. Most of what I do in life comes from a deeply seated passion—a romantic desire to express what my heart feels. Even cooking feels like an art most days. I see shapes, colors, textures. I want my culinary creations to look beautiful as well as taste amazing.

After two months, I have painted 14 paintings that make me proud that I began this endeavor. I have even sold three painting, which I had never expected would happen. I get excited about what I do and share the paintings on the Facebook, which led some friends to ask if I would be interested in selling. The painting to the left is the first one that I sold. It was my fourth painting. What I feel when I began to paint this was a spiritual feeling, I often get when I’m meditating and sharing what I learned in the quiet. It was a definite expression of my soul.

Most people call what I’m doing flying by the seat of my pants. For me this is a complement.

  • Flying because I have not let my inabilities hold me back.
  • As a result, I have been able to allow my nonconformity to make me unique, which I never want to lose.
  • When I feel I need a dose of experience, I take my mess to my husband and say, “I NEED HELP. This is beginning to go in the wrong direction.”

So, soaring high is possible when you have that necessary net to fall into for help. I’d imagine this is the same for an aerial artist. Learn the techniques from the master, then practice until you get it right. When you mess up, make sure you have the master close by or a net to fall into.

If you have seen some of my work or the work that I have done in tangent with my husband and have been so kind to have commented and liked them, thank you for your kind words. I have really been motivated by your comments and love. I believe I have found a passion that I will continue following for the rest of my life.



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