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If you have ever pursued something as daunting as writing a novel or training for a 10K, you know that you can’t let up anytime or any day. Your passion for your goal must be so great that you forgo your own wants and desires and train or write until your dream is fulfilled. Oftentimes, during the process of moving toward your dreams you, may get stymied by problems, life situations, and stress that either puts your dreams on hold or wipes them completely away. Here are 5 ways to keep your dream alive.

  1. Start with a blueprint or a plan of what you would like to see happen in your life. Writing a novel will be our example. You may want to make a vision board about what you want to achieve with your novel. Remember: writing the novel is only part of the passion. Actually, living the dream of being a prosperous writer is probably even deeper in your soul. Bring that passion to the surface.
  2. Once you have the big picture on the table then discover what it is you want to write about. Your subject must be as passionate as your drive to write. So, if you choose to write about blood and guts, because this kind of book make big bucks, but you’re a spiritual person and have no stomach for that sort of thing; you’ve already squelched your passion, before you started. Your first big project should be a book that you MUST write, filled with authentic passion and drive. It seeps from your skin. It’s so powerful. Decide on that passionate subject and create a working title.
  3. Begin to sketch out your process. Put a plan in place. For me, it was to get up and, after breakfast, and write for two hours. I sat at that computer and wrote—still do—even if all I wrote was worthless. Begin to create a habit of writing. Some people (mothers, for instance) have to get up at 5 a.m., before their kids, to get quiet time to write. You may work for 10 hours a day and have to write in the wee hours of the night. But, if you want your passion to come forth, you must provide space for it.
  4. When you carve a niche out for your passion, you’ll find that little gets in the way of it. If you decide to write whenever you have time, it will never happen. I promise you. Anything you truly want deserves time to develop and grow, like a seed planted in the consciousness of Divine Mind. It takes planting, nurturing, watering, and believing that something will grow from this process. This is Law. It is not fantasy! Set your faith on this Divine Spiritual Law.
  5. Finally, whatever comes out of you is okay. For the first month, be satisfied with things that don’t make sense or pages that you may throw out in the end. Nothing matters at the beginning, except that you believe in yourself, in your dream, and in your craft. Keep moving forward. If you were training for that 10K, you know that, sometimes, it rains and you feel like crap. But, to succeed, you must put on that raincoat with a hood and plod forward, even if you walk half of the distance. Especially, at the beginning of your process, you have to give yourself room to be a novice. Eventually, you’ll get better and better, until one day you wake up to find that you’re a professional at what you do. I promise.

With all these steps in place, I assure you, you will find a novel or a book or new career in your future within a year. Give yourself ample time to make a vast change or create something huge. Some great works of art have taken years to grow. But, they were certainly worth the effort in the end.

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