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Yesterday, I awoke with a horrible toothache that had kept me up most of the night. I made an emergency call to the dentist. I was told that the preparation for my partial plate that I had had last week may now require me to get a root canal in one of the teeth supporting the partial.

My first dental incident involving this latest procedure began 18 months ago with a cracked root, which was to require an implant. Sixteen months later, after the implanted root was in place, a cap was placed over the abutment covering the implant. Three months later, an X-ray revealed that the abutment had become cracked from stress. Further investigation revealed that the implant was useless, because it was in the wrong position to create the proper support it needed for a cap. Sixty hours and $4800 in the dentist chair was for what? This is the question of the hour?

The answer to this question or any other question about a life’s problem or situation is in your own Creative Mind. What kind of result—positive or negative—is up to you.

My story was frustrated with the news of the root canal after spending so many hours in the dentist’s chair with absolutely nothing to show for it. My prayer and my affirmation is: I have faith that the health of my mouth will all be taken care of.

I must simply go on with my days, my weeks, and months without believing in the worst. I have sown the seeds for a solution for the problem, and now I must wait. I’m not sure why, but waiting I will have to do until the seed of my intention has grown to completion.

Early this afternoon, still in severe pain, I got into my new car to go to the appointment. I put the car in reverse, checked over both shoulders and crashed into a golf cart about 10 feet directly behind me. Much like my tooth, the back bumper was cracked and dented.

My right side of my jaw began to thump to a tribal rhythm that felt as if I was being prepared for a Satanic ritual over hot coals. What would cause so many negative things to happen in so little time… and with so much pain?

In times like this, we beat our heads against a wall and ask: “Am I the one causing the problem here, the behavior, or the pain?” With bad luck, it seems more bad experiences follow until you’re on the verge of giving up. I, however, was destined to not let any of this control my behavior. Instead of ranting, I simply reported what I had done to the front office and left for my appointment.

The idea that I can do much more than just plant a seed in the ground and take care of it is clear, but take care of my positive attitude was up to me.

In the New Thought, we have little to do with the actual growth of any seed into a plant. Spirit, science, metamorphosis, and time take a tiny seed, crack it open in the rich and fertile soil of life to grow a tree. The same concept exists in Spirit for ideas and thoughts in your mind. Spirit has given us the power to plant the seed thoughts into Divine Mind, where all thoughts grow. But the job of growth and complete fruition is God’s not ours—both in the mental construct of a dream and in the physical metaphor with the planting of a seed. Still, taking care of that positive thought (for me, a healthy body, a whole and complete set of teeth) was the vision.

Fortunately, for us, Spirit does not operate on a behavior-reward system. We can all see that many very good people are poor and many narcissistic humans are billionaires.

What does this mean for my tooth and my car? It means that these “things” are not a result of any bad or good behavior. They are they simply situations that are in my life to help me grow into a stronger, healthier, more compassionate human?

Even though I feel like crap physically, and my new car no longer looks shiny and dent free, I cannot see “bad” in any of what happened to me. I simply feel that my life is a little out of control… alright, a lot out of control. But will feeling bad about the situation cause me to feel better? Certainly not!

Most of life is not in our control. We can set out to do many things and be interrupted by traffic, a wreck, a dead battery, a heart attack, etc. The possibilities for being detained from our rewards are endless. And, yet, most of us don’t concern ourselves with the “could-be’s,” otherwise we would stay in the house all day, in bed, and never go outside for fear our simple, daily intentions would always be interrupted with the worst scenarios.

Most days my life goes without a hitch. This week, though, and especially with this one tooth, something negative was holding on. So, I took the advice that I give to my clients: “Ask yourself these two important questions: 1: What would you be without this pain or problem? 2: Is there a lesson to be learned from what’s going on in this situation?”

  1. Without this problem, I would still have a brand new car, looking beautiful. Not much else has changed with that issue. I haven’t become angry, nor disappointment about it. It is circumstance. Circumstance does not have life or energy unless I give it my energy. I choose not to give it my life’s precious energy.

If I did not have the tooth problem, I would be doing something fun today on my day off. The best I could was to go to sleep, though, when I got home from the dentist appointment, which was coming up in 5 minutes.

I go to step two. Is there a lesson to be learned by these situations?

1). Take care of your body; you only get one

2). Despite your best-planned efforts, life sometimes doesn’t go your way.

3). Puréed food isn’t all that bad.

4). If you let anger arise from things you can’t control, you just end up being mad for no good reason. Nothing changes with anger, except your own mind, health, and great disposition.

Could I move forward with all of this going on in my life, even the pain in my jaw that was making me want to throw up? Yes, I could and I did. I believed with all of my creative mind that everything would turn out perfectly. This is the best anyone can do in a situation such as this.

Life is a constant lesson. It takes our consistent patience.

I also did one extra thing. I realized I was getting to the point of losing my faith, so I called my prayer partner and asked for help. He began to pray immediately.

When I got to the dentist I was prepared to get a root canal, which is what the dentist had proposed. However, what actually happened was nothing quite so bad. In fact, it was actually not so painful or time consuming as I expected. I got there, received an X-ray, and waited for the results.

The tooth farthest to the back, acting as a buttress for my bridge had been shaved down to be capped for the largest part of the bridge. During that process, the nerves inside that back tooth had become agitated. The dentist simply removed the partial, put a different cement on the back tooth that had a deadening effect on the nerve, and trimmed down the cap. By the time I got home, I actually felt well enough to eat dinner without it being puréed.

Do I believe in prayer? Hell, yeh!

Do I believe that my trust in Spirit and in my intention changed the outcome? Maybe… I’m leaning toward a definite, yes, though.

Ultimately, I have learned a lesson from history. Before electricity, people would walk around with clay lanterns strapped to their ankles. With the dim light of the lamp, they could see about 3 feet in front of them, not far enough to garner much discernment of what’s ahead.

Beyond the next three feet could be monsters or magic. It was up to them to choose what they believed. If you see ahead of you, beautiful things, perhaps, magnificence will appear. If you are frightened of what you can’t see, you may continually take smaller steps, become anxious, and never take too many chances in life, mostly getting negative results.

Choose faith!


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