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I had a client who had one leg. She was in a car accident at an early age, so she knew the feeling of having two legs—walking, running, and even sprinting. The fact was, she was a track star. When she came to me, she wanted to learn to sing. She lost a part of her that literally stopped her in her tracks, so she needed to reach back inside and find a new voice.

The marvelous end to this story is that what she found was a way to take the feeling of loss and bring joy back into her life. She focused on creating and expressing artistically. This is exactly why we all need to give our artistic self the chance to express in new and wonderful ways. This young lady was not a great singer. In fact, she, at best, adequate. But, this fact didn’t matter. Her only goal was to stand up in the choir with her new leg and sing. We accomplished that within six months.

So, after we found a place of joy, she decided to continue with me as a hypnotherapy client. She felt ready to reach back down into her soul and experience her loss, deal with it, and overcome the phantom feelings she had with her missing leg. I feel, the only reason she was able to face those negative urges was because she took an important jump forward to help her heart heal.

Interestingly enough, the modality she chose physically had nothing to do with her leg. But, what I’ve learned over the many years that had I taught voice lessons (I’m now retired) is that the expression of singing is like “finding your voice—your passion, your personal expression, and your opinions.” When you begin to sing with abandonment, something in your heart explodes. Scientifically, a study in New York proved that people who sing, allow vibrations to release toxins from the brain. So, singing is healing. It’s a proven fact.

The next time you find yourself singing your favorite song in the shower, let it go! Let your head resonate with healing vibrations to let all of that negativity out. Who knows, maybe, you can reach out of your pain and into something new and wonderful, no matter what your problem has been in the past.


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