Fortunately, For Me #Prosperity

I used to dabble in any hobby, sport, activity, language that I had never tried before, always wanting to set the boundaries of my life far past what was comfortable. In doing so, my purview expanded, my paradigm changed, and even my basic beliefs about God and politics took a huge U-turn, many times. I find that most people think they are open to change but have no desire to bend with the wind and rely on their strong roots to hold them in place during a storm. Fortunately, for me, my roots must have been planted in cement. Though, the effects of change challenged every corpuscle of my being, the roots, themselves, were stuck.

I would find that as I prayed and believed for prosperity and truth to be the burgeoning force coming from my life, I felt as though, I never reached my hubris. Something was amiss between my belief and the expression of it—the effect was not the measure of the cause. I had so much more I wanted to express and be, than what I was actualizing in my life!

I spent many years discussing, praying, therapizing, and studying about why this apparent collapse in force was so in my life. My conclusion came as a result of the most profound belief I have ever had in being created in the image of God. God is Power, not Force! Force takes an equal and opposite push. Power emanates from within and is an expression of the cause resulting from my belief in myself and in God.

One morning, after my meditation, I absolutely knew that I was made in the image of Creator, now fully an adult spirit, ready to create in ways unimaginable to most. I felt surges of life and incongruent energy flooding my mind, daily, ready to find a way of expression through me. I couldn’t wait to get to the computer to write and write and write, until I became thirsty for the living water, flowing freely.

I knew that what I wrote was coming directly from God—no question. However, when I set out to market the books, find an agent and publisher, my belief about God being the source of my inspiration suddenly stopped. I questioned every word I had written. When a negative response came back in the mail from a publisher or agent, I found myself unable to believe that God could produce an unsuccessful writer. Had Spirit been the inspiration behind what I wrote, wouldn’t each book be a success in the market? I would use this argument to self-deprecate and deny my connection with God.

What I had realized, looking back, was that those days of writing from the source were the beginning of my journey toward understanding my spiritual connectivity and power. This path toward truth would take me to many stops along the way to uproot old beliefs and reseed my life with the power God has designated for me and for you.

Fortunately, for all of us, though some of our roots have to be pulled up, we all have “the kingdom of God within us.” So, everything on the path of life is made of Spirit. We are all made in the image of the Hero’s story—facing obstacles through life to strengthen us, only to triumph at the end. That’s the power that makes each of us. If we focus solely on that power, we are successful.


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