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I’m putting together a Christmas Eve program. I have been shocked at the people who say, “I hope you’re not going to sing… “Oh Come All Ye Faithful” or “Mary Did You Know” or “Joy to the World or anything that is too Christian.

I’m thinking, you do realize that this holiday is by definition about Jesus’ birth. How can we NOT sing about Jesus?

What I’m hearing with this banter is that “Does Christmas have to include word Jesus?” This question would come from people who were either disenfranchised from Christianity or people who are from different cultures or faiths that do not believe that Jesus played an important part in the spiritual history books. But, go to your dictionaries for the definition of Christmas!

Has the American celebration of Christmas contained Jesus for the past 50 years, when the economy is literally dependent upon every family spending 100s of dollars every Christmas to keep retail businesses alive? We’ve become a society of Santa Clauses for the holidays instead of looking at the true meaning of this particular holiday, whatever it might be for you.

But, to clarify, if you’re going to go to a Christmas Eve celebration at a church or center, I’d say, you should be onboard with the idea that the word Jesus is going to come up and even be celebrated.

I am willing to open the doors of my understanding to enjoy and appreciate your culture without feeling I have to sacrifice the history of mine. I know this: On Christmas Day, I’m planning a celebration for all faiths. Why? Because I spent the evening before celebrating the birth of Christianity. I want to give everybody a chance to be acknowledged.

In our Center of Spiritual Living, once a month, we have a celebration called the Candles of Faith. In this celebration we light a candle for each of the major world religions and then one large candle for Unity at the end of the celebration.

Unity is where our hearts should be on this holiday and every holiday. Let’s spread some love, light, and unity, instead of being frazzled about trying to get the perfect gift, or worse yet, complain about the word Jesus on Christmas!


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