From Autism to Alzheimer’s

I caught a bit of a morning news cast, today, that was explaining how the study of adult autism, or more specifically Down’s Syndrome was providing some extremely pertinent information to help cure Alzheimer’s Disease, which is likely to affect 10 million people in the next five years just here in the US.

If any of you have dealt with autism or had a Down’s syndrome child or adult in your life, you know the challenges this mental state causes the entire family. To think that out of something so challenging could come a cure for a Alzheimer’s that is costing American’s billions in healthcare cost and providing more pain and stress than anyone of us could imagine.

Read more about this at http://www.usagainstalzheimers.org/.

Of course, you can go on-line and investigate this study in as much detail as you want. My thought about it was simple: out of the decimation of the past, comes our amazing future!

If we start looking at life through the eyes of someone who expects spirit to be leading him/her into truth and power, instead of someone believing that all of life is against him/her; then we will begin to consider a more positive course for our present situation, no matter what that might be.

I see people with terrifying life situations daily. In all of the cases I see, we can always find a safe refuge in hope. Hope sails smoothly on the waters of life even when the storms around us cause turbulence. Hope brings us the power to envision the future bereft of negativity and anxiety. Hope is by nature faith in something greater than I having the ability to restore what It created back to It’s image.

I get tired of hearing my own thoughts about why I act this contrary way or that. I want to believe that there will be a time I operate solely on God-power. I breathe in the undefined love of God as unlimited source and truth. When I exhale, I let go of all that no longer serves my mind, then my body, then my life, because what transpires in mind will find itself affecting my life and my body eventually.

What you can do today to change your mind is simple. Start a new chain of events in your life by starting from the cause—the mind. If you sense you are going to start a pity party for yourself that will eventually spiral down to you eating a ½ gallon of chocolate, chocolate-chip ice cream, then start with a new thought. If you have forgotten that you are not alone and that God loves you, decide on this: This is not rejection, it is God directing me into the light and into good!

If you feel sick, decide today that you are on a path of gaining strength mentally and physically, that Spirit is leading you by the hand to the perfect practitioner and healer for your specific symptoms.

If you are anxious about a job, know that you are being directed to find your purpose in life, not just employment. Look deeper, search deeper for the greater message that is being sent to you as you are being directed out of the old and into your new amazing life.

Many people have started part-time jobs with their passion and have ended up millionaires. You could be one of those people. But you are never going to see that happen if you don’t listen to your heart and to the voice of the One who knows, then step forward into that new paradigm. You are not being defined by Who you believe, but by what you believe.

Start today… Change your mind… Change your life!

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