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Many people on a spiritual path are afraid of psychics, mystics, and those who channel. Recently, though, as a result of wanting to find more avenues of truth, people are seeking (or are at least curious) about psychic energy more than ever. The reality is though: We all have psychic energy! We simply haven’t learned to use it, yet, while others have had the patience and broken down the walls between the ephemeral and the spiritual and see a clear path into Divine Mind.

I could say that I have had psychic experiences my entire life, yet I’ve never considered myself a professional psychic. I use my psychic perceptions in my work every day. I listen to the voice of spirit guiding me. I see visions that lead me to truth and avoid problems. I have prayed for the sick and they have been healed. Does this make me a mystic? Or does this make me simply a spiritual person who uses his gifts?

The true reason I have never called myself any of the labels above is because most people I work with are from traditional backgrounds. Most traditional religions think that all psychics are from the Devil. I would never use the term devil, but many do. So, instead of scaring people with my spiritual insight, I simply help them from where they are in their spiritual unfoldment to a place of freedom from sharing what I see in Divine Mind. If that means saying something that sounds insightful, but not sharing that I got it directly from God, then so be it.

Everything is God! Every apostle and prophet in the Judeo-Christian bible was working on the premise of channeling the Spirit of God. Yet, no one looks at channeling in the bible as bad or evil. However, there are certain scriptures that talk about people who have “conjured spirits” for personal gain. These were divinations to avoid. So, how do you personally tell the difference between a psychic that is true or false? This is a very good question, because it involves a little more than “are you paying for the service” or not.

We all must develop a personal sense of what’s positive and negative energy in our lives, whether we choose to use psychics or mystics. If you feel led to see a psychic, the first thing you should do is ask yourself this question: Am I going to this psychic to confirm something I already know? Or am I going to the psychic because I’m too lazy to meditate or listen to Spirit?

I have gone to a few psychics in my life, mostly from intrigue and to see how they work. Some were charlatans, and others I can still remember their words verbatim, even though my time with them was nearly 15 years ago. Why is this so? How did I discern whether I was hearing positive or negative information?

Let’s define what a psychic can do for you, first. A true psychic does not read your mind. Someone who wants to share Truth with you is reading energy. Depending on the psychic, this person may have the capacity to see a life-long plan for the future from Spirit or may hear your angelic guides offer advice. This, I would deem, positive energy.

If someone begins by asking you too many questions and trying to read your future and impose fear, I would run away quickly. If someone seems to be trying to use magic or fake ambience to try and woo you into believing, this person is also a charlatan.

Truth is easily seen. You know it when it walks into the room. You can feel the difference between a negative person and a positive person immediately. You always have had that discernment. You may be afraid to call it what it is, but what you use when you feel negativity or a peaceful feeling from anyone is your own person psychic energy.

Let’s take an example: You decide that it would be in your best interest to leave your husband. He is negative. He has harmed you with his words. You’ve tried everything you know to make the relationship work. But, ultimately, he stifles and obstructs your personal happiness and growth. So, you want to see if there is something that you’re not seeing spiritually that may help you make this hard decision. You choose going to a psychic.

You go to see someone who has been highly recommended by a couple of people. Never go to a mystic you have not heard good things about. This would be like going to a doctor on the side of the road with a sign up that says: $15 for a full examination.

When you make the appointment, generally, you may have to wait some time, because good psychics with positive energy are usually well respected in the spiritual community and very booked up. You may pay up to $60-125 for a session. This is fairly normal, depending on how booked this person is.

Remember, even though this person may be working for his own personal gain using his psychic energy, he still must make a living. For him to use his gift (like a musician or preacher may get paid for working in church) is not necessarily a bad thing. Again, everything should feel balanced in this individual.

When you go into this person’s space, what do you feel? Do you sense a peaceful space? Is it cluttered and dirty? Can you smell cigarette smoke? Is the person morbidly obese? All of these things are very telling to me. If a person cannot control his or her own behavior, he or she has little business guiding others. However… I have known people with habits who have been very talented mystics. So, you must use your own judgment on this, as well.

If the person starts out by getting to know you, making you feel comfortable, and possibly a moment of silence, this is fairly normal. If the person insists on some kind of strange ritual, I might get leery. When the psychic gets to listening to hear your personal truth, usually that person needs some time to escape his own humanness to allow his spirit to rise above the earth plane to a consciousness that we all share: Divine Mind.

This is how psychic energy is possible. Since we all are of One Mind, seeing the future of others, or the circumstance of someone near you or close to you in spirit is not very difficult. Most people can sense when a good friend is in pain. However, this psychic is being paid to listen to advice from Spirit on your behalf. So, he or she should always act as a professional and simply share his or her truth with you without judgment. A good psychic will never tell you “must” or “don’t!” They will lead you to truth.

What you should do is either record the session or take notes, so that you can listen back later with more of an open mind. I would recommend it. I still have the notes from the one psychic I remember who practically unfolded my entire spiritual future. In that moment, I wanted to run, because the truth he shared was not what I wanted for my own life, then. I wanted to be a movie star and a singer. I never wanted to be a life coach, minister, or a hypnotherapist. However, this psychic saw my spiritual talent and shared how I would use it to help others toward their spiritual path…

Ah, you see? A positive psychic is much more interested in you staying on your spiritual path, than you leaving your boyfriend. You leaving your boyfriend may be on your spiritual path, however, that’s not the reason for the visit in the mind of the psychic.

I hope this clarifies some misconceptions in your mind.


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