Gaining Weight Because You’re Afraid to Ask for Help

From my vantage point, most people who struggle with weight issues are generally caregivers. They spend all of their time appeasing the people around them. Some take care of an ailing or aging parent. Some have jobs where they are the manager, which means that everyone has to be satisfied, from all the people who work under them, to all the executives. Others are inundated with children. It’s tiring to have to be perfect and helper and want everyone to love you.

I should know. I’m that person sometimes.

Fortunately, the pounds have not packed on as some of my clients. However, I also have made a point at understanding my past, my temperament, my proclivity to overdo, and I have spent time reprogramming my mind to not operate on the “Law of Guilt.”

This isn’t easy, especially when I watch people in my life bend over backwards to manipulate me. They doesn’t realize, even still, that they just need to ask politely, while I’m not working, and most could usually get anything they want.

I have had to implement better boundaries to protect myself from overworking. But the hardest thing for me to do is ask for help. I have taken care of everyone else, and most people see me as Superman. But, truthfully, I could use a little help now and again.

As a practitioner and life coach, most of us in the business find it easy to help other and acknowledge problems when we see them, but discovering our own errors takes a great deal of diligence and introspect.

With that being said, I want to ask you a personal favor. I have been writing this blog for two years. I spend sometimes two and half hours a day preparing, editing and sending it out. I feel this blog is something God asked me to do, so I’m fine with spending the time. It is my Karma Yoga to do.

However, I think (this is where I need your help) that I’m hearing Spirit ask me to expand what I’m doing to a very expensive interactive website where the user will get daily challenges, these challenges will correspond with Discoveries from a book I wrote with 365 Daily Discoveries. The website will have tools for challenges and move people forward with study groups around the world as it will have a GPS function to help people create and go to nearby gatherings.

What I need to know from you: is this something you would be interested in? I may be creating this entire website in my ego and I need a litmus test of sorts to make sure this is Spirit speaking, not my ego. If you would do me a favor and copy the following portion of this blog to an email addressed to me: bosebastian5@gmail.com, then answer the questions, I would be very grateful.

The reason I’m asking is that out of the 40,000 people who read this a month, only one person made an order for an Mp3. This amazed me! Even with $7.00 off the original asking price of every item on that list I offered, 99.99% of the readers didn’t care about things like meditation or gaining materials that would help them along with their spiritual practice. This is why I need to know what you need, before I spend $8500 on an interactive website:

________________________________ Copy from Here and send to bosebastian5@gmail.com

________  Would you be interested in joining a study group that would meet one evening a week for a year to start a Year to Clear Challenge?

If so, what city do you live in? ________________________________

_________  If this meeting had a nominal fee or a collection for the charge of renting the space, would you still be interested?

________  If the blog expanded to an interactive website, would you be on board to participate if it were at no cost to you? Basically, this would mean getting a daily spiritual, mental or physical challenge.

________  If I offered Tiers of membership, where the first tier would be free, the second, third and forth tiers would give you options to contact me for coaching advice on line, get free mp3s, and daily mp3 downloads to listen to on the way to work, would you be interested in paying for a tier beyond the free service?

________  If I offered to create an MP3 download of each blog every day and send it to your cell phone via email, would that be a convenience you would enjoy, so that you could listen to it on the way to work or coming home from work in the car?

________  Is this convenience for which you would pay $5 a month?

________  If I offered a place in my web store to donate to this cause of spreading spiritual knowledge, would this be a better means of contributing via credit card?

________  Lastly, would you rather not hear from me besides getting the daily blog? (It’s okay to be honest.)

COPY TO HERE AND SEND TO bosebastian5@gmail.com….

As a gift to my subscribers, I have made all purchases below ONLY $3.00. Prior to today, to buy something in my storefront, you had to go through many steps to get to Paypal. Now purchasing a Hypnosis MP3 or a Meditation Music, or a Kindle-formatted book is as easy as clicking on a button in the Shopping Cart that says Credit Card.

You simply pay, and within 24-hours, you get an e-mail with a link to your download.

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