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Many traditional Right Wing people still stand strong with the idea that gay love is a tortured antithesis of God’s love created by evil.

If God is Love, if every human being is made in the image of God and Love, then all that is in existence is expressing love is a unique and varied color in the spectrum of love’s rainbow.

On the latest episode of his “Pray In Jesus Name” program, Religious Right activist Gordon Klingenschmitt said that gay people should never be allowed to serve as school teachers because they “should be disqualified immediately because of their immorality.”

Of course, this is just one of the rising threats to gay equality that seems to be gaining power in the Trump’s presidency. What are we as people who appreciate and love diversity in all its many colors to do in the face of this rising Hate?

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From Psychology Today:

“Few issues are as hotly contested as what determines a person’s sexual orientation. While most scientists agree that nature and nurture both play complex roles, the determinants of sexual orientation are still poorly understood. Current research into its underpinnings frequently focuses on the role of genesenvironmentbrain structure, and hormones.”

In this definition from leading psychologists, we see no signs of being gay as a result of sin and malevolence. If anyone looks with a loving heart and leads with his or her heart, they will always see Truth.

If you see life through a set of strict religious laws, you will never be able to see Love in all its fullness. Even the Master Teacher Jesus had to forgo the Judaic traditional Laws to teach his Truth about Love. Everything in the Christian New Testament would lead us to the conclusion that:

Love is the Fulfillment of the Law. (Romans 13:10)

I happen to believe this with all of my heart:

If you set out on a course of love, you will quite often find yourself facing many negative force fields trying to keep you from your highest expression, which is love.

If you draw back from your Truth to protect yourself, you will be consumed by negativity.

However, if you stand up for love, you will ultimately enter into the strong force of Divine Light that seeks to liberate all from the chains of negativity.

As of late, I have had to learn a hard lesson about being love in the face of a Dictator-like boss. In my heart, I knew that no matter what my boss said, I would follow love’s course, even if it meant leaving my job. In the end, I had to choose to leave the job.

One side of my brain said I was acting irresponsibly, since I didn’t have another income to replace it. On the other side of my brain that doesn’t judge, but monitors my spiritual course, I saw that the choice to stay was based on a fear of Lack. As I go back to my truth and core values to make all decisions, after a day of quiet, I realized that any decision based on a fear of Lack was not a decision for Love. So, I left the job.

As a result of doing what was right in the eyes of my Truth, 4 hours after I sent my letter of resignation, I got a lead in a commercial that would in one day’s work give me 1 1/2 times my monthly salary at the job I left.

I believe that Spirit was saying:

“I got your back. You will not be robbed as a result of negativity. Light and your truth are more powerful than any seemingly strong force that seeks to hide your talents and light under a bushel.”

The answer to the question at the beginning of this blog is: Be steadfast in your Truth. Our core values are the only thing that shape and form a life that is worth living. We must go back to what we strongly believe in the face of ANY negativity and stand on Principal! Say to yourself, to the person trying to put you down, and the to world:

There is only one Mind and One Love: God the Good. I am made in the image of the Source of Power and endless prosperity. I am a mirror image of God’s endless Love, Intelligence, Wisdom, Peace, Compassion, and Truth!

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