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Everyone has thought of the spoiled child who receives everything he or she wants during the holidays, on birthdays, and, basically, in life. This, of course, is not beneficial to that child as she begins to feel a sense that everything in life belongs to her, if only she wishes it.

This kind of life usually leads to disaster, as we have seen in many cases from wealthy child stars who have turned to drugs, because happiness continues to elude them. Getting something for nothing never teaches you the lesson of the provisions of the universe. However, opening your heart to greater and more never has hurt anyone, when it comes to receiving a better life. Let’s try to make some sense of this and find a balance to wanting, desiring, and actually receiving good in your life!

The universe provides for everyone from the Subjective Consciousness. Therefore, if there is but one position to be filled at work, and fifty people are up for that job, the universe must choose the person who will benefit most from that job—spiritually, emotionally, and financially. But, you have opened your heart to a better life and treated for a better job, yet, that new job has not come.

You feel as if the universe is keeping you from your good. But, that is not true. The universe keeps no one from Good. However, you may be limiting where it is that you find your good. When you open your heart to more, it is very important that you don’t close doors along the way. The job and the prosperity you are willing to receive may be behind the door you never expected.

I had a huge tree die in my front yard. It was going to cost $1000 to cut it down and about $200 to get rid of the stump. I had the money to get this done, but I opened my heart to the perfect way of Spirit. One of my clients happened to have a husband who wanted to cut it down in trade for 5 hypnosis sessions. After that, I had an elderly gentleman on Social Security who wanted to quit smoking. All he had was enough money for the first session. I asked him what he did for a living. Of course, it was stump removal! This happened two weeks after the tree had been cut down.

My good was right there waiting. I simply had to be patient enough for it to arrive in the perfect package. It’s like going to a Secret Santa party and choosing the biggest package, because it appears as though it may be the best gift. But someone had simply put a $500 bill in a plain white envelope that ended up in the last person’s hands. This happened because no one was willing to take a chance on something that appeared to be nothing. Life holds opportunity everywhere, if we are looking for it.

Christmas has the propensity to get out control when it comes to children and parents. We want to give the kids much more than what we received. However, the older generation gave us the people who learned great lessons from getting very little for Christmas and expecting more from the work that we would do in the future. In other words, getting something for nothing never entered our minds. We believed, because we were taught by experience, that to receive big, we would have to work harder and reach farther than our parents did. This, in turn, gave us a better sense of self-worth and clearer picture of how the universe provides according to our belief.


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