Get What You Want from Life! Opportunity and Universal Law

Every year millions of farmers till fertile soil and wait for the proper time to plant their crops. They carefully choose which seeds to plant. They decide what to plant based upon revenue, supply and demand, their contacts to sell their crops, the temperature, and the amount of rain the area generally gets each year. When the time comes, the seeds are carefully planted.

The farmer plants these seeds with the understanding and the belief that the seeds s/he planted will grow.

  1. He doesn’t think that maybe these seeds will grow!
  2. He doesn’t go out each day and search around the soil looking for signs of plants.
  3. When a plant begins to grow, he doesn’t yell at it and demand that the time for it to grow speed up.
  4. He doesn’t dig up small plants and throw them out because they haven’t grown quick enough.

All of these actions above would negatively hinder the process of growth. So, too, when you carefully plant the seeds of your future, these same Universal Principles exists for you, if you check out the metaphor and use it to create a beautiful and rich garden of opportunity! Let me help you see this Universal Law. You can then add your personal desires to the theory!

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Continued from Above:

Decide what it is that you want to grow in your life. WHAT ARE YOUR FUTURE GOALS? and let’s begin to plant them in the rich soil of life.

Let’s begin with an example. You substitute your particular goal in the place of this example.

The Goal: To get a job in accounting, as you have just completed 4 years of college in this field.

The Seeds that You Plant are very specific in this instance. You recognize that you must sow seeds in fertile soil for them to grow, so let’s look at what this means according to the Universal Law of Prosperity.

The seeds would be:

  1. sending out a great resume;
  2. researching firms that may need works with your experience;
  3. contacting friends on social media and sharing your wonderful desire; and
  4. perhaps, contacting a few companies who help clients find work.

The metaphor of the fertile soil is everything that you do to prepare yourself (or the soil) to do the planing above. For instance:

  1. Hiring someone to help you create the best resume possible (this could be a professional friend for free);
  2. Making sure that all of your certifications and diploma are in order;
  3. Contacting people in the business who know you and who can become your mentors, verifying that you are an excellent and motivated worker (these same people become your references); and
  4. The research you do online to always be sowing your good seed in the proper places (Note: you don’t just want to scatter seed and hope that the seeds grow. You want to plant specific seeds in places that you know will grow and give them the chance to grow! There’s a big difference here).

The third step is believing! This is when most of us bring negative energy into our lives, instead of the positive thoughts and belief that we need to have a great outcome. Believing creates the positive energy for your crops to grow and doesn’t hinder the process. So, in order to continue your good faith you may need to find a theme song that you can sing whenever you start to feel as if your work isn’t paying off. I like Des’ree’s song: “You Gotta Be!”:

You gotta be bold, you gotta be wiser

You gotta be hard, you gotta be tough, you gotta be stronger

You gotta be cool, you gotta be calm, you gotta stay together

All I know, all I know, love will save the day

You can also use affirmations that are specific to your negative feeling. For instance, if I think: I will never find work, I will replace this negative thought with the opposite positive thought:

The business world is filled with the perfect position for my skills. I am worthy of any and all positions offered to me. I will choose the best one for me.

As you can see, as you wait for your seeds to grow, between the doing and the manifestation—just as the farmer must do as his seeds are taking root in the dark soil—we must have the positive belief that there is a power (or a science) that creates everything according to its proper measure:

  • lettuce seed will take a month for a crop;
  • tomato seeds take 3 months to create ripe fruit; and
  • an apple tree may take from 5-8 years to provide a large crop of fruit.

Each of the above must be taken care of—watered, weeded, bolstered from the wind, and fertilized).

This is lesson one of manifesting your good. I’ll continue with the understanding of this Universal Law in the coming days.

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