Girlfriend Born a Man? The Divine Feminine #MichaelPhelps

A lot of buzz is going around about Record Breaking Gold Medalist, Michael Phelps, dating a woman who is a #transgender individual. Whether true or false, this begs the question: When we meet a soul mate, are we actually connecting with the body, the mind, the spirit, or all of the above? Does Michael #Phelps love the spirit that embraces the body of this woman, or is he into some hidden sexual preference? I think you know, spiritually, where I’m going with this. If you have never heard of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine attributes of a person, let me explain the concept.

Michael Phelps

In each human are both masculine and feminine attributes—I’ll talk simply about the attributes that are considered positive in both arenas. Some of our feminine qualities would be Mother Earth attributes such as balance, intuition, compassion, expressions of love, nurturing, and our artistic abilities. On the other hand, our divine masculine attributes would be our warrior nature, physical strength, precociousness, the ability to provide, and to be a hard worker.

The divine feminine is more like the womb or the cocoon in which a caterpillar develops. The masculine would be power, moving, or anything that is based on creating and building actively. Each of these attributes has many archetypes in the world. Most of our masculine archetypes are very prominent in all societies. In the Hindi culture, however, our divine feminine archetypes are clearly expressed in many of the goddesses of this religion. (Good for them for not acquiescing to the cultural norms of the rest of the world.)

So, knowing that each of us has within our capacity to express from any or all of these attributes—both masculine and feminine—we recognize that culture can nurture the idea that men must have more masculine qualities. Females, on the other hand, should resist the urge to be strong individuals and maintain what is naturally a motherly instinct.

However, in our world today, the attributes of the divine feminine and masculine are merging, specifically helped by the gay culture, who has never condemned the merging of the two divine natures. Today, we see many more metro-sexual men, which means that men are not being defined simply by their strength, but by their sensitivity, too. Many straight women are looking for this type of man so that straight relationships can have more balance.

Equally impressive, strong women have been emerging since the dawn of time. Even though the world often rejects women such as Hillary Clinton, Mother Theresa, Oprah, and Michelle Obama, we are clearly making headway as strong women bring to the table balance that the world so strongly needs right now, especially in the face of such tendencies to fight and battle for power.

For a long time in my life I considered myself a bi-sexual man. I almost got married to women twice in my life. I loved those women and found it easy to nurture them sexually, even though, my tendencies for sexuality were attracted to men, as well. I felt divided in my soul. But, I convinced myself, that I was fine, because I wasn’t allowing myself to be defined by sexual behavior. The truth is, eventually, my sexuality found more balance in the gay world, because I realized that my masculine attributes didn’t have to express at sexuality toward women, as society dictated. As I let my divine feminine and masculine attributes balance in my humanness, my inclination was stronger as a gay man. Still, I find beauty in all of God’s creatures.

Getting back to Michael Phelps, I believe he should be honored for openly dating someone who is transgender, if that is the case. He has not allowed himself to be reformed by the world’s point of view. He loves from his heart, whomever and whatever form that takes in the divine individual of his choice. This should be honored in any individual.


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