Giving Up Your Story

You may be asking yourself, “What exactly is my story?”

Let me give you an example: A woman grew up in a poor, two-horse town. She never had more than two nickels to her name. She married young and had four children. Each of her children had huge psychological issues. As she is now 55, she has little to do with any of her progeny. She is on her fourth marriage and is in the process of divorcing the current husband. She still is driven by lack and sees herself as a failure.

This my friend is a sad story, but a story nonetheless! For this woman to get psychologically well and see a clear vision of a future that isn’t a repeat of the past, she has to rewrite her story and give up the old one.

If you keep telling yourself things like, “I’ll never have more money than my bills come to at the end of the month,” or “I get sick so easily,” or “I’ve never been one to hold on to a man,” you probably will continue to attract the same stories to your life again.

The key to finding your prosperous self and live a magnificent life, first, is to let go of the heavy anchor called “your story.”

Let’s make God be a big ocean. If you have the heavy anchor of your past tied to the dock, do you imagine that you could sail into better waters? If you cut yourself loose but still have the anchor, do you imagine you could float freely? If you release the anchor completely and let the boat sail without steering it, do you believe that you could end up in a better place?

The ocean in many ways has always signified the power love and energy of God. When I’m down, the fastest way to pick myself up is to visit a beach. The utter vastness of God and the power of the waves always send me to a place of appreciating the grandiose nature of God in me and acting through me.

I have traveled many roads in life. When I let myself be steered by Spirit and listen to the call of the wind for direction, I am more likely to sail toward a place of peace and auspicious wonder than I am if I stay stuck in one place.

The power of letting go of your old story is significant. Think about a vessel of water such as a bottle or glass. Can it be filled if it is already full? Absolutely not.

One must empty the vessel of old water to fill it with new pure water.

To begin this process of emptying of the old, take some time to see what you have been telling yourself lately. Do you have anxiety about your bank account? Are you telling yourself you’re not pretty or handsome enough to have a mate? Have you been sharing things about others you should keep to yourself? All of this mess is your old story.

Get rid of it and let God fill you with magnificence daily. I try to empty my human vessel every day to give room for spirit to live through me—as me. If I plan too much, I can also impede the process of being an open conduit for spirit.

Life is about abundance now. Every where I look is God and the opportunity to be a part of a greater, stronger, more abundant life!

* * *
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