“God Forbid!” #1111

I heard my mother say, “God Forbid!” this morning and wondered where that phrase came from. As I searched the Internet, I was shocked to find that it originally occurred in the Bible twenty-six times. One of those times was in Romans 11:11.

The number, 1111, is one of those anomalies that appears in my life when a doorway opens for me, spiritually. Apparently, many people see this number in times of revelations. In fact, almost a million people believe it’s a number that follows, or occurs at a time, when you may need to open your eyes to a divine dispensation that is about to occur.

So, for instance, you glance up, and the clock reads 11:11. You might want to ask yourself the question, “What’s happening here? What do I need to notice?” Often you’ll find yourself in a very blessed and peaceful place, get spiritual advice, or you will simply recognize that a higher power has your back.

So, I asked myself this morning, as I was looking for answers about “God Forbid” why the number 1111 would pop out. Apparently, I was about to find something that Spirit was ready to share. My heart began to thump. I became very still and respectful of the moment. Then, as clear as the sun shining through my open window on a crystal blue morning, I understood. Spirit God represents everything prosperous, loving, and compassionate. With this understanding, I wrote down, “All Understanding forbids; All Love forbids; All Compassion Forbids!”

The word forbid means to order not to do something or to refuse entry to a certain place. What would God be absolutely forbidding me to do (or you to do) now that is so important for me to convey to you this morning in this discovery?

“Out of the darkness, came a great light!” The darkness has a big sign on it that says, “Beware! Don’t go here! Because in this place you are unprotected.”

I thought, Is there any place where God is not? And I realized that the only place I could see that God could not be and would not be is in a place in our own minds. God does not and will not make up our minds for us. So, there are places in the human mind that God is not. Today, we have been given Divine Advice to stay away from those dark places. God wants us to know that It cannot prevent us from stumbling on them and stepping out of the light. In those times, remember that all it takes to return to the light is one word or one realization: “God!”

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