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I spent many years of my life believing that natural medications could cure anything. I was a vegan, did yoga daily, meditated and prayed, and believed in similar spiritual principles, as I do today. But, as recent studies have shown, in our DNA, not only are diseases and qualities of being passed down by genetics, but fears and anxiety as well. Even specific ones such as the smell of blueberries, in a recent study on rats at Emory in Atlanta, indicate that our human bodies are rife with contradiction because of genetics.

We may be genetically moving toward the same issues as our parents. Since I spent the majority of my life trying to avoid all the attributes of sickness that my parents had, I realize now—especially as I take care of my aging mother—that I am almost an exact replica of everything she and my father experienced in mind and body. So, where does this leave me in practicing my spirituality and in the study of truth?

Trust me, I have spent long hours contemplating my choices. Here is my resolve:

An abundant, peaceful, harmonious, and loving life is dependent upon having a healthy mind—nothing more, nothing less. If I am in pain, suffering from PTSD, anxiety, or stress due to genetic issues or life’s consequences, I am never going to experience wholeness in mind. Right life is dependent on my ability to think right. Thinking right produces right action.

So, if there is a way to change the negative curve of debilitating thoughts and reactions, I should take that turn and get on a course that allows my mind to think clearly and harmoniously with my body.

So, this is my choice—everyday: Do I spend time in mind and body trying to combat illness and mental issues, or do I spend time in mind creating my good? To that end, I must choose, the latter. But, to choose the latter, I must also make another strong choice—TO TAKE MY MEDICATIONS THAT KEEP ME ON COURSE!

Personally, I really don’t care what anyone else thinks about this choice. It is totally mine to take, as it is yours, as well. I have coached and counseled people over the last 25 years who refused to take modern medication, but will, instead, smoke pot daily, live in fear, eat their way out of pain, and never confront the real problem with a real solution.

I know for certain that, for me, I need medication to confront life with a peaceful and harmonious resolve. Otherwise, I spend my day in pain and probably in depression, neither of which can produce any good in my life.

So, I make the strong choice to stay in front of the problem. In so doing, I have noticed a vast change in my life. When I’m healthy in mind and body (or, at least, “feel” healthy), I am much more productive, happier, attract goodness and prosperity to my life, and have the ability to resist the powers that could have easily swept me under the rug of depression and left me there helplessly.

If you are one of these people that fall into the category that I speak about above, understand that ALL OF LIFE IS EXPRESSING FROM THE POWER OF YOUR MIND. If your mind is experiencing chronic issues or if your body is in chronic pain, get medical help! Get back on track! The litmus test here is: Am I able to make a proper decision in my life that doesn’t involve dealing with consistent pain and anxiety? If everything you do in life is tainted by your consistent and painful diseases, you should strongly consider getting medical attention, treatment, and stay on your treatment until your mind is able to think clearly again.


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