God or Goddess?

In Greek mythology we had gods of almost everything. The Hindus have many gods and goddesses of different entities. We create gods and goddesses or idols every day on screen and on television. What exactly are we looking for in these entities as we bow down to them?

I find myself ogling over a beautiful person and think, Bo, why does this form take more of your attention than this other form? Why am I apt to give my heart to this one and not to this other? What exactly am I looking for as I give myself to someone?

In the giving of ourselves, what exactly do we hope to acquire?

There is a theory (or this may have even been derived from ancient scripture) that we desire to eat the flesh and drink the blood of those that we admire. so that we can become like them or embody them in some way.

When you think about the ancient Christian symbology of the body and blood of Christ, we can certainly understand how this kind of thinking turned into a ritual that continues to this day. But does it stop with the Eucharist?

I believe we are idolizing people and things constantly. As a result, we want to have them or have a part of them so we can feel as good or as rich or as beautiful as they are every day. This practice is as ancient as mythology. Yet, we continue seeking what we will never embrace.

Look at the many times you have loved, only to find that love is yours and yours alone. To love someone is completely a selfish act. When you wake up from that fact, reality sets in. You must love yourself, then, perhaps, the union you have chosen together with an individual next. Love it enough to help it grow and nurture it with compassion and loving-kindness.

But try loving someone when it is only you doing the loving and adoring. You will see the entire picture then. It can happen in an instant or for a lifetime. But this kind of love happens from afar and never culminates with freedom, only bondage. You will love like you are bowing to a god or goddess for the rest of your life, because what you love is an idol, not a person. What you love isn’t yourself. What you look at isn’t from within, but from outside.

I write in metaphor today because I have spent way too long in meditation tonight. Hopefully, someone will understand and need to hear what only my heart can speak in sheer utterance.

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