Going Gluten Free: Heal Yourself from Arthritic Pain, IBS, Stomach Issues, Weight Gain, and Even Dementia

Changing your diet is a big leap for anyone, after eating certain food that comforts your for an entire lifetime. Suddenly a food craze that really makes sense comes along, and every aisle of the grocery store begins to change! You have to wake-up and decide is this new diet right for you!

After much reading and exploration, you discover that genetically modified gluten is the problem with your digestive system, causing it to be acidic, exacerbating your stomach problems, and causing free radicals to go to your brain, reeking havoc and  disorientation, and also challenging your arthritic condition and muscle aches. (Grain Brain, Perlmutter.)

So, all wheat products and some soy products are now considered unsafe to consume, then, what is safe to eat? Today, the Chef to vegetarian dignitaries and teacher of healthy cooking to food enthusiasts, will lead you through every detail of what you can eat, your food substitutions, ways to make healthy, fast meals, and stay gluten free. I lost 20 pounds in 3 months, and my body fat went from 29.9% to 13.9, as well. These are considerable changes for any person, especially someone who is 53 and had struggled with arthritis and stomach problems his entire life. EVERY ISSUE CHANGED IN A MATTER OF TWO WEEKS! So, you can understand why I want to tell the world, especially my friends and clients.

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Obesity is a huge problem in the world today! The solution to this problem, also, could be a gluten-free diet. When I took the gluten out of my own and client’s diets, all of us immediately began to see signs of relief with weight gain and arthritis, even the IBS. We had more energy. We were able to eat more vegetables without stomach upset. We felt as if our bodies let go of a heavy weight, as muscles began to become supple again. The longer I stayed on the diet, the more I was able to get back to eating just protein and veggies, which is the healthiest and most energy-giving diet I can use.

Personally, I’m a yogi. So, for years I have gingerly rolled out of bed and on to the floor, because sleeping caused such back and hip problems, as an arthritic condition does. Within a month of going gluten free, I had begun to get back to my health from twenty years ago. I get right out of bed now and do a yoga practice that is worthy of being called a practice. I can easily put my palms to the floor as I bend over.

Here are some ideas I used to keep me gluten free and energy packed with protein and remain an almost vegetarian. Also, gluten free DOES NOT mean vegetarian at all. You can always substitute your favorite meat in any of the recipes and easily make the change to Gluten Free TODAY! You simply need some helpful suggestions that will take you through the change.

Preparing a meal is like painting on a canvas. Each ingredient you choose adds a special color and texture to your food. When you realize that each time you eat, you have an opportunity to impact your health, you may consider making better choices each time. To do this, we must reach into our food palate and take out the proper amount of:


fat; and


For a normal meal for a thriving adult, we need from 18-21 grams of protein for each meal to get the proper amount of energy from our food. Good sources of fat, such as avocado, can be great brain food, as the right fat is necessary for your brain to function. (Grain Brain, Perlmutter.)

But, when it comes to carbohydrates we have the added responsibility to separate the good from the unhealthy. Vegetables and fruit are in the category of complex carbohydrates. Bread, pastry, potato, even pasta are mostly simple carbohydrates. However, when food is fresh, instead of processed, you can be assured it is essentially better for you. Yes, broccoli may be a better carb than potato. But potato or rice is better than bread, even if it is gluten free. Our bodies can sense natural food and process it more easily.

A healthy food practice is to shop in the perimeter or outside of the food aisles in a grocery store. Most of the processed food is in the internal aisles. The fresh food stays in refrigeration around the perimeter of the building. Stick with this idea, and you’ll be on the road to healthier eating.

What Kind of Pasta & Bread Should I Buy?

Since we are working with a gluten-free diet, make sure the pasta and bread has a gluten-free symbol on it. Your choices are rice-based, corn-based pasta, or a combination of both rice and corn. Even companies like Barilla are getting on board with cheaper versions of what used to cost double what you pay now. Actually, if you look hard enough, even cereal aisles in your grocery store are now carrying gluten-free products. For bread, Udis is about the best for taste. It’s a little more expensive than other bread, but you’ll find you eat a lot less, once you begin the diet.

Gluten-free products were a five billion dollar industry in 2013 and, I believe, that as people realize the advantages of a gluten-free diet, the demand will rise. More companies will get on board, and the prices will go down. So, look for price reduction in the future, especially with the bread.

My book is filled with easy and basic ideas like the ones above, including simple recipes for any novice to follow. Even if you’re not interested in the recipes, the book is an essential handbook to figure what to eat and what not to eat.

GET YOUR FREE BOOK HERE: (The cover for the free book is different than the one pictured below, so you can distinguish which is free. If you desire the book as a paperback, it’s $7.99, and you can purchase the book at this link:

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