How Can You Be Grateful in a Time of Crisis?

In a time when most of our lives are filled with fear of ISIS and some kind of natural disaster, I hope you take time to be grateful for all of the wonder and plentitude in your lives. Make a practice of beginning everyday with gratefulness. Spend 10 minutes thinking of everything possible to be thankful for.

What we do when we fill our mind with gratitude is replace the negative, cognitive response to the overwhelming surge of negativity around us. We can’t turn on the television or the computer without being inundated with negativity. The world is a negative place to be dwelling at this time. Let’s face our reality.

We are Spirits living in human form. We are here on this Earth for a reason. We may be learning some amazing lessons; however, we are on this Earth to be shining the light of God that is within each of us. This light is not just in some of us. It’s in all of us.

When you hear of someone from ISIS creating a mass murder plot, this is a time to pray for the people who are tragically being pulled into this negative vortex from abuse, misfortune, and quite probably rejection on many levels. This is a time to thank God for the light that shines into the darkness for all negativity to come to the light to be healed.

Yes, it is a time to grieve the death and sacrifice of blessed lives. But, let’s face it, unless you or someone you know has been directly affected by this negativity, it impacts your life on a mental level only. Though we are inclined to feel guilt about NOT taking time to grieve some of these personal losses`, would it be better for our minds—the breeding ground for all the seeds sown in our consciousness—to make a mental picture that can support the light that is within us?  Could we challenge ourselves to find something powerful and good to see in every terrible situation?

This is a must. If we let into my mind all of the negativity of the world, each of us would be a miserable, depressive person. Your body and mind need to make some sense of the world around you. The only way you can do this is to create reason from the Light and Truth that you know.

For instance, we know that there is only one Mind. This Mind is in me and is in you. This Mind has created all, even the perceived people who have forced our thoughts toward a negative place. Yes, this negative person has had choices. In the end, the person chose negativity.

However, often this negativity results in the outpouring of compassion and love, creating our heroes. If not for poverty and the impoverished, we would not have a Mother Theresa. Would it not be for segregation and prejudice, we would not have a Martin Luther King, Jr.

We have our heroes because of the darkness. These people have taken the negative and have stepped forward to create positivity out of the dust of negativity. 

This is the kind of person we all want to be. We don’t want to watch the news and become fearful, adding extra padlocks to our doors and reinforcements to our windows in case of another hurricane. Though we want to protect ourselves and our families from any undo harm, we also want to keep our minds and hearts positive. This is a time when it is imperative that we stand firm on the Truth of Spirit God!

There is none other in all of the Universes than this One Mind, this creative source that is working together for the good of all, taking the bad circumstances and turning them into paths of light for each of us walk.




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