Growing Spiritually into an Adult Warrior

I wrote a book about two years ago called Uncommon Gay Spiritual Warrior. The book addresses the spiritual disenfranchisement of the GLBT children of God. I share how GLBT family have to, sometimes, create our own religion and path to Spirituality in order to be accepted and feel a part of the whole. Tomorrow evening, one of my dreams about this book will be fulfilled. I will begin to meet with a group of Gay Spiritual Warriors for a monthly meeting at my new church, Center of Spiritual Living Fort Lauderdale #CSLFL. I share this news because, part of our human pact with Spirit, as we come into our existence on this earth is that we work on ourselves, but, also, we share our gifts and insights with others to help humanity grow.

Sometimes, in our meditations, we may receive a call. I’ll define this “call” as an opportunity. I don’t believe that Spirit forces us to do anything on earth. So, from the Subjective Mind of God—that place where we all have access to the uncreated, unlimited good in meditation—we may see an opportunity to be of use to the world. If we choose to accept this call, then we must act as Spiritual Adults in our quest to let it unfold.

The first action I took was to say an affirmative treatment, which sounded like this: “Spirit God, Unlimited Good, Power of the Universe, I am one with you and your purpose. Out from our oneness, I reach into the subjective field of thought and form this idea of an Uncommon Gay Spiritual Warriors group. I plant the seed now, envisioning that this group touches many hearts and helps the disenfranchised grow spiritually. I know that you are growing this seed according to a perfect will beyond all of my imagination. I thank you for the opportunity and for the responsibility to be of service to the world in this divine way. And I release my prayer to you, Spirit, knowing it will not return unto me void, as you are my inspiration!”

I spoke this prayer one year before I even knew that I would be sitting in my office in South Florida—instead of Nashville—getting the opportunity to minister to many gay men and women in an area of Ft. Lauderdale that is primarily gay. The church I felt led to attend, when I moved here, just happened to be in the center of this borough, Wilton Manors. I had no idea about the location or even had made an initial visit there. I simply had a very strong leading in my heart.

This leading not only helped me achieve the next step in moving forward with my spiritual calling, but it also aided in my sister’s and mother’s growth spiritually. They both love the church and strongly agree with the teaching of our minister. To me, this is a win-win situation. How many times do we get to evolve spiritually with our biological family? It’s just beautiful to watch my eighty-two-year-old mother at church on Sunday so interested in the teaching and thrilled by what she learns on a day-to-day basis. I know this path to spirituality works, because I see it in front of me in my sister’s and my mother’s faces, every day.

So, hearing “the call” is the next step to growing into a spiritual adult. As I said, the call is for anyone interested. It’s like a Spiritual Ad in the heavenly newspaper. You can read it, but never submit your proposal or resume. However, if you choose to submit your resume, you have to be prepared to work toward the calling. This is spiritual law in practice!

I have waited for an entire year for the seed of this idea to become a reality. “I plant the seed. God grows the tree!” But the truth of how Spirit works is that so many things in my life had to change to make this vision become a reality. Most importantly, I had to be willing to take the call then make shifts in my own reality to move toward this call. I can now say that the pathway to becoming a spiritual adult is as difficult and also as liberating as it is to go from being a teenager to a leaving your childhood home to venture out on your own. The metaphor of human growth follows the same path as our spiritual growth.

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