Growing Up Is Hard to Do #growingup #olympics

As I watch the Olympics, NBC keeps showing homage to athletes by recreating their past blunders to get to their great achievements. Of course, the message is that “we must fall and get up” to achieve greatness. I agree totally. But this takes a certain moxie that not all of us have, which is why they are the ones achieving greatness, and we’re sitting on our asses watching it!

I remember when my sister and her four-year-old son lived with me in Nashville. Since the child’s father had been killed in a motorcycle accident, I often would get the task of being the baby daddy. One day my nephew was confined to his room for not listening to his mother. As I listened through the door, I could hear my nephew whimper. I was so sad that I went in to talk to him. I held him in my arms and asked him if he understood what he had done wrong. I’ll never forget what he said, his chin quivering uncontrollably, “But, Uncle Bo, it’s soooo hard to be good!”

I can’t tell you how hard it was to not burst into laughter and ruin the moment. But, my mother, my sister and I had a good laugh after he went to bed. Even though what he said was so adorable, the message cut like a knife, which probably why I remember the moment so clearly. Every day, I find myself reaching for some kind of carbohydrate that I shouldn’t be eating, because I’m completely full. Almost every hour of every day, I have to repeat an affirmation to keep my mind either out of the gutter or away from unhealthy thoughts. My ego wants attention. I get that. Sometimes, I let myself have a bit of glory. But most times, I think, Bo, is this really how you want to live?

I know for certain that I want my mind and body to be at peace. This is all I know with absolute certainty. Yet, to keep my mind and body at peace, my ego has to take action that would prevent me from negative and detrimental behavior. So, guess what, you have to have control over your Ego to be at peace! That’s why it’s so hard to be good. The Ego has no intention of making this an easy job for you. The Ego wants self-satisfaction, it wants unhealthy food, it wants to believe the worst about everything and everybody, including you. So, how do we change this paradigm?

In ancient days the Ayurvedic practice of the pranayama (life in the breath) was created to help the human mind begin to exercise control over the breath, which was perceived to be the essential god life within the body. Breath practices now exist in almost every spiritual belief, even in psychology and biofeedback. If you can control your breath, you can control just about everything in your life. If you can go one step beyond control and observe your breath, you have entered into the side of the mind that can make substantial change to your life.

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