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A couple of evening ago, I watched a recording of 48 Hours, which focused on the Oscar Pistorius trial. Oscar’s latest contention is that he has an anxiety disorder and terrible fear about being burgled and accosted, which made him act irrationally, shooting the bathroom door four times without knowing his girlfriend, Reeva Steencamp, was behind it. One other note that I hadn’t heard until watching the documentary was that when Oscar cried in court, his moans and wails sounded like a woman, which would make the testimony of neighbors hearing “the screams of a woman” moot.

But, what gave me the most pause about the entire scenario was that South Africa doesn’t have trial by jury. It has trial by one judge; and she is an elderly black woman, who seems very compassionate, but equally balanced in rationale, as the lawyers and witnesses refer to her as “Ma Lady.” Can you imagine that all of one person’s fate in South Africa lays in the hands of one “trying to be unbiased” judge? I simply can’t believe it.

The legal system everywhere needs a great face-lift, especially in South Africa. One of my dearest friends, Linda, died a few years ago. Before that, she was a trial lawyer for children held in the balance between parents in abusive situations in Nashville. What she told me about the law frightened me. She basically felt that the innocent never really had a fair chance, especially, if they had no alibi; which, when you think about, most people really don’t. I know that most nights I sit alone at home, and no one would know the difference if I were here or out shooting someone. I would have a extremely difficult time proving my innocence in a court of law. I’d be more likely to be able to prove my inability to kill anything, even a fly, as most of my friends and family know; especially my mother, who bitches at me when I catch a fly and release it outside. “Just kill the damn thing!” she exclaims every time.

If life has come down to exercising culpability in all areas of our lives, we might as well get a new IPhone App that keeps track of our every step. Perhaps, our phones do that already, and I’m not up to speed with the technology. But, I know if an App existed that tracked me, I’d feel more secure about being sued or accused of an action I didn’t commit. At the very least, anyone could prove where I had been and for how long.

This culpability factor gives me a case of what Oscar Pistorius says he has—anxiety disorder. What exactly is anxiety disorder? In true anxiety disorder cases, the situational feelings a person experiences is likened to an angry lion sitting outside your front door all the time. In other words, there is an underlying threat of danger that causes your heart to race uncontrollably, your mouth to get dry, your body and actions to become anxious, and a general malaise in your mind.

I feel I had to overcome an anxiety disorder in life at one point, and certainly have helped many in coaching and hypnotherapy with this disorder. Most times, medications such as anti-anxiety meds are administered when needed most. This is very different than antidepressants, which you take every day so that the medicine becomes systemic and operates all the time. Sometimes, an antidepressant can aid in anxiety disorders, because it causes an over-all feeling of wellness and joy. The anxiety meds (clonazepam and diazepam—known, also, as Klonopin and Valium) are administered only during the times of stress, which, for some, can become a daily dosage. Some also take clonazepam for anxiety when referring to sleep problems. So, this case would require taking the medication every night before bedtime.

I have always been very transparent in this blog, and I will be now. I have been taking clonazepam for three years to help a disease called Sensory Defensiveness. This disease causes the neural pathways in your brain to fire quickly, making your body feel anxious when you become over stimulated and also causes people to have sleep disorders. If you want to know more about Sensory Defensiveness, just do a search in my blog search for the disease. I have written much information about it: www.findingauthenticyou.com.


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