Happy Appearance Day

Some smarty-pants wished me a “Happy Appearance Day” on Sunday instead of Happy Birthday. I ended up responding, “That was the most profound response I have had.”

Turns out that the man who wrote that sentiment understands me more than you know. I don’t believe that I am here on earth by happenstance. I believe that I chose to come to earth at this time for a particular reason. That reason is unfolding in front of me as I stay on a spiritual path, keep my heart open, my mind open, and space enough in my life for God to flow through me to share with others.

Some time ago, I had a dream in which Spirit took me back to, what I believe, was the moment I had decided to come back to earth. I was with spiritual elders. They seemed to have torsos and heads, but no feet.

They were all gathered around a large table. Important people from my life, now, were also there figuring out who would be which character in this lifetime now—as if we were writing a play together, casting parts.

Who would be the protagonists, who would be the antagonists. Some said, “I’ll be your nemesis in this lifetime. Others said, “I’ll be your lover.” Some said, they would marry me and then hurt me badly, teaching me some very hard lessons. Others would come back as sisters and brothers, mother and father.

The scenario seemed to convey that the more important the person was to my spiritual family, or spiritual cluster, the more involved that spirit would be in my spiritual growth. The dream ended with all the spiritual clusters required to lose memory of the past to come back to the earth. All of us agreed.

Years after that, I had a dear friend hurt me badly. I don’t know that anyone had every hurt me in the way she did. In the midst of the turmoil, I had a dream. That friend and I were spirits in heaven. She said to me, “I love you. I’m sorry I had to hurt you in this life.”

I replied, “I love you too. You played your part well. I learned much.”

When I awoke from the dream, though I still hurt from the physical and mental pain of the circumstance, I did feel as if I could recover with more ease, knowing that there was purpose to the pain. I began to understand that the people or clusters of spirits we arrive on earth with are meant to help us on to the path of deep change. We learn lessons from these close spirits like we couldn’t possibly learn from anyone else in our lives.

So, if you have had a serious break-up or a terrible loss of a loved one, know that you have made a pact with that spirit to learn a lesson long before you have ever entered this life. The question is: What is the lesson? When you figure out what you need to learn from that person, then life becomes easier and flows from a spiritual place of understanding that “everything happens for a reason.”

* * *

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