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A client comes in for his first session desiring to lose 50 pounds. Together, we decide on a plan to lose the weight. We look at all the ways he has deluded himself about the process in the past. We honestly and authentically check for the inception of failure. Who told him he couldn’t do this? We make sure we set him up for success—now. Sometimes, I use hypnosis to install the thoughts into his neural design.

One week passes. He loses 3-5 pounds. He’s ecstatic. He is more excited about the process than ever. We do another round of hypnosis exchanging these healthy thoughts of success in the place of his past failures.

Week four comes. He has lost 10 pound of the fifty. He begins to think that each month he will lose 1o pounds and in five months he will have reached his goal. He gets a little complacent and decides to have a donut one day at work. He entertains thoughts of sugar and carbohydrates, like a cocaine fix. By our next meeting, he has not even weighed himself.

Week five comes. He has gained two of the ten pounds back. He begins to feel sad that he had wasted a month of painstaking exercise and deprivation. He gets back on the horse and adds 15 more minutes to his daily aerobics workout and begins to work out with weights aggressively.

Week six comes. He has gained another pound. He purposely misses his session with me, saying he had to work overtime. He is exasperated with the process of losing weight. All he can think of his anesthetizing his failure with food! He begins to feel like a loser, never taking into account that muscle weighs more than fat. He decides he will never be able to lose the weight and gives up—AGAIN.

This is the case with almost 75% of the people try to lose weight or quit any habit. I’ve been fortunate to have clients who, at this point, will call me or email me and ask for advice. Anyone would have to be reminded of the most important fact: The end of your life has not happened. You don’t know how things turn out, because they haven’t happened yet. Even more importantly, you have the power to change what will happen in the future. No one else can make a positive reality happen for you. Only you can.

So, when you think about quitting, tell yourself, “Stay the course! Even though the situation looks different than I had expected, I am the one in charge of how all of this will end. I am the master of my own mind and thoughts. I control—with the help of Spirit, counselors, and friends—all that happens and will happen in my life.”


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A Single Session w/Bo Sebastian

What would you feel like if everyday you loved yourself a little more…

What would you be if you loved and gave compassion unconditionally… to yourself first and then to others?

If you could imagine yourself so connected to God Source that everything you thought and every action you completed you trusted could heal yourself and, ultimately the world around you?

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