Have You Watered Your Garden Today?

Recently in Southern Florida rain has come in torrents almost every day, then sunshine the rest of the day. This off and on bad to great days is the typical Camelot-like environment of Ft. Lauderdale. Most summers, despite rain, we must water almost every day, especially those plants that have been exposed to the sun 24/7, because rise to 105° almost daily. With this being said, not a day goes by that I do not put my finger in the pot of the plants to check to see if the soil is dry. If it is, out comes the watering can. The feeding and tending begins.

Plants aren’t the only lives that need tending in this manner. Our souls and that which we create with the power of our spirit must be tended to much like a garden. The metaphor that many scriptures use about planting a seed in the Earth is about this subject matter:

If you are not tending to your dreams and visions for the future, your health, or the welfare of someone close, then the life of the dream will wilt just like a plant would in the intense heat.

The good news is that if you hurry to the aid of these wilting plants, within an hour they will be blossoming toward the sun once again. If you leave the wilted, dried longings of your heart with nurturing, you will find yourself starting over and buying new plants or starting with fresh seeds from the soul.

This is the case in the Spiritual World. Each time we set out to create we surge forward on a course as a metaphor gardener, tending to our dreams. If we tend to these creations with positive thoughts, affirmative action, and release the negative thoughts, we will be well on our way to manifesting like a true Child of the Universal Love that created us.

If we waste our time worrying and forget about our seeds before they manifest to fully grown ideas, then, again, we will need to begin the process of creation from the start.


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One observation on “Have You Watered Your Garden Today?
  1. Bo Sebastian

    You must always water your dreams. When they wilt from lack of sunshine, this is a metaphor for too much negativity or lack of interest in that which you planted. Even the scriptures are clear about tending to your garden if you expect a crop in the fall.


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