Having a Clear Voice in the World

Yesterday, I started my blog with: “Every evening at 6:30, I can count on David Muir starting off the ABC World New by saying: ‘This just in…’”

I also included a picture of David and a SEO with his name. Last night at the beginning of the news… David Muir actually changed his beginning speech after many weeks of saying the same thing!

Did he hear me? Did he read my blog? Did someone from the station in charge of searching for his name read the blog?

At any rate, Mr. Muir said something much clearer and a lot more intentional: “This news is breaking as we come on the air to tonight!” (paraphrased, because I can’t remember the exact words)
Honestly, it matters not if ABC news read my blog, because what I heard in my mind, millions of other people were probably thinking the same thing. Am I the only one who voiced my opinion? Probably not. This is the power of the word and the power of Mind.

My theory is that there is only One Mind in the Universe. If we tap into the social consciousness as we move past our own Observer Mind, then we can begin to hear the voices of many. This power not only gives us more incite but also gives us more compassion than we ever thought possible.
You ask, how do I get into this One Mind you talk about?


The answer is: this is no simple task. Spiritual Seekers have been trying since the beginning of time to understand why they exist and what is their purpose. Ultimately, we must understand something about the Mind or the Power that (not who) Created Us, or we have no conception at all about this Social Mind I talk about.

If you believe in the typical rhetoric that you have been taught since childhood that only specific people can speak with a Higher Being, you will never seek for your highest calling, which is to become like the Son or Daughter of this One Amazing, Creative Power!

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