Having a Different Opinion

Many times in life we share an authentic thought or opinion with someone or on social media, and the immediate response is one of derision. Sometimes, as we try to share the most important decisions of our lives, we are met with despair and hate: for instance, coming out for any gay people is met with responses about going against the law of God, being wrong, and complete misunderstanding. Let’s face it, no one can really feel or see from our eyes what we see. Our perspective is unique and wonderful. So, to fight someone’s opinion is simply ridiculous, most times. I know, plenty of opinions, especially political and religious ones, try to override our rights as citizens. But each person, still, no matter how hateful their remarks, has a right to his or her feelings.

When and where to voice our opinions is the hard part of anyone’s life. We all want to be heard. We feel important and especially authentic when we shout from the mountaintop, unabashed, that which we learned and has become an important paradigm change. But, even the Christian bible says, “Don’t cast your pearls before the swine.” Your deepest, heartfelt feelings may get trampled and kicked.

As a writer of a blog and books, I’m subject to people commenting and readers leaving horrible ratings and reviews on places like Amazon. As for  my blog, I can monitor the comments before they reach the Internet. But on Facebook, I allow the comments to flow—good or bad, because I don’t mind healthy conversations there. However, if I see that someone has become too heated and biased, I will delete his or her comments and, I have been known to even block the person from the site. Healthy conversation and hateful comments are completely different on social media. We don’t air our opinions to change other people’s minds. Most people have made up their minds about what they believe before they ever comment. As a good friend says, “I’ve already made up my mind. Don’t confuse me with the facts!”

The important objective to glean from this essay is that everyone has a right to an opinion. In voicing our opinion, if you don’t want what you believe to be stomped on and argued about, share it with people you love. But, first, tell friend or loved one, ahead of time, that you aren’t sharing because you want to argue or discuss what you feel. You are sharing because your newfound ideas and thoughts are making a difference in your life. You simply wanted that friend to know.

Sharing intimate thoughts on the Internet, however, unless you write professionally, is not a safe place for anyone’s personal feelings, unless that person expects many people to analyze and dissect that which is personal and intimate.


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