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I recently took a 7-day Caribbean cruise where food is absolutely the largest attraction on the ship. Granted, the chefs always had healthy choices available, next to each healthy vegetable were ten different ways you could gain an extra pound. One of the facts the cruise director told us on at the beginning of the cruise was that most people gain three pounds a day on a cruise ship. THREE POUNDS A DAY! Do you know what you would look like in a month? Is it even possible to gain 90 lbs in a month?

What I know for certain, by experience, is that most people do not know what healthy eating looks like. When clients come in for weight loss hypnosis, they always say that they know everything they are “supposed” to do, but simply can’t make themselves do it. But, then I ask an individual what a healthy breakfast or lunch looks like, and some even say McDonalds pancake breakfast for dinner. It has meat, carbs and fat, right? I’m not joking!

So, what I thought I would do is spell out what I believe healthy choices are for those of you who think you are dieting, but may not be by virtue of food choices. But more importantly talk about quantity of food.

Most people forget that each item of food you eat has a caloric or energy intake. So, when you put 2000 calories into your body, and only use 500 in a day, you operate on a overload daily, which leads to weight gain every time. If you have to be sedentary because of illness, you simply have to deploy a new way of taking in less calories; otherwise, you will gain weight every time. This is why Weight Watchers has so many people losing weight. Their premise operates on caloric counting.

I do believe that healthy weight loss has to have a lot more than calorie counting involved; otherwise, you will have that 500 calorie hot fudge cookie before you eat the broccoli. That’s simply not a good thing to do every day if you want the amount of iron, nutrition, and fiber you need.

I look at food in 3 different groups: bad carbs, good carbs, and protein. Fat, we’ll consider an additive. Bad carbs are mostly white things, sugars, desserts, bread, pasta, rice, and potatoes. Good carbs are vegetables and fruit. (I know some people consider pasta a complex carbohydrate, but for simplicity sake, let’s say that it’s part of the “weight gaining carbs” right now.) Protein is meat, fish, vegetarian protein, nuts, beans, cheese, and milk—granted, the beans, cheese, and milk have protein, but also have carbohydrate and fat in them.

For a good diet to work, you have to a have a combination of good carbs and protein and healthy fat (not including any hydrogenated or heated oils). The key to making the right choice is in the ratio of carbs, to protein, to fat. The most effective use of food—for it to turn into healthy energy—is when you have about a palm-sized portion of protein, two palm-sized portions of a good carbs, and a modicum of healthy fat ranging in the teaspoon to tablespoon range depending on what kind of fat you use. If it’s an avocado, which is a healthy fat, you may want a tablespoon. If it’s meat fat, definitely use a lower amount.

Okay, this is my simple, healthy lesson about food today. Tomorrow I’ll conquer exercise.

I guarantee you that, if you stay on this diet and do the exercise, you will lose weight! I have put some of my clients on this same diet, and we are all kicking butt! Get healthy. Also, if you need some subconscious motivation, go to my web store and for $3, download the weight loss MP3 and listen to it daily for a week. Bo


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