Healthy Cooking Is Meditation

Today I woke up early, eager to start my day with a smooth cup of freshly ground java on the screened-in porch by the lake. Seventy-three degrees, the sun coming up in a clear sky, and my puppy on my lap as I drank and dreamed.

You guessed it. I was dreaming about what I wanted to cook today with the ingredients I had in the refrigerator. I do that sometimes… well, all the time.

I think about what is left over, what is getting rotten, and this gives me motivation to make a big stockpot. Also, I end up cooking what’s ready to eat before it loses its vital energy.

Today, I took out every vegetable, herb, and fruit that I could use to cook. I ended up making a #Kale_Salad seasoned with Basil, Lemon, Orange and Sesame. It was awesome! I’m going to create the Online Cooking Video for you this weekend and post it to the YouTube channel below. So, sign up if you want the recipe. The picture is above. Below is the link to the YouTube Channel.

Then I took 1/3 of a head of cabbage, didn’t chop it, and put it in the broth along with 1 roasted peppers (yellow), cilantro, basil, 2 chopped onions, 5 chopped celery stalks, 4 sliced carrots. I seasoned it with all the basics in my Cooking Class I on the YouTube Series above. (Yes, I’m trying to get you to sign up for this so we can have fun cooking together for free and for our health!)


While I was doing that, I had 1/2 of lemon left over from the Kale salad and whipped up some Hummus in my new Food Processor (#KitchenAid, bless you).

I had a bag of green beans, 2 peppers roasting in the oven (also in lesson 1) , and 4 zucchini that were nowhere near going bad, so I just pulled out one zucchini and put the others back in the refrigerator. All of the rest of what was on the counter was going to get used someway, somehow.

“David,” I called from the kitchen.

“Yes, honey…” he answered. “Can I help you?”

He didn’t know what he was getting into. Not only did he immediately get into cleaning up the cooking tornado that I had just created, but he was also on tasting duty, which he loves more than life. (It’s great to have a husband who loves Vegan food so much that he will literally “ask” to help you clean so that he can be a part of preparing and eating it. lol)

I chopped up the beans, one zucchini, used the rest of the lemon juice on the zucchini, and sautéed the beans first. I then added the zucchini about 3 minutes before I took the sauté off of the burner. To the top of the veggies, I added a freshly roasted red pepper, diced. The dish above is what I made.


Then I started eating green beans dipped into the hummus with a bit of zucchini and roasted pepper. I decided I’d use the ripened avocado that was in the fruit bowl as well. Suddenly, I was eating breakfast for lunch and didn’t care. David and I were both groaning with each new combination of all the above we discovered.


The #Kale_salad is chilling in the refrigerator. Maybe we’ll eat that for breakfast tomorrow.



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    Taking the leftovers in your refrigerator and creating magnificent Vegan Food is just the perfect meditation on a Saturday or Sunday morning,

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