Healthy or Sick

Healthy or Sick?

I went to a seminar over the weekend where a man had cured himself of a debilitating disease that was supposed to leave him impotent, with a colostomy, and with the likelihood of back pain the rest of his life. He went through 60 surgeries in 15 years and decided that he had had enough. He got out his bible and purposely chose to work on finding the way of healing. That he did and in a big way. He now looks to be a very healthy and vibrant man at almost 60.

In my fifty-two years, I’ve heard a lot of stories of miraculous healings, but sadly I have heard an equal amount or more of stories where people have waited for miracles, and they never came.

Most recently, one of my best friend’s, Linda, was sick with colon cancer. She was of the same religious ilk as I. We believed in the same God almost exactly. Our conversations were almost primarily about spirituality. That’s what I loved about her. We talked about an after life and about the likelihood that one of us would communicate with the other if one passed before the other.

Linda wasn’t afraid of dying up until the time she was told she had stage four cancer. Then, suddenly, she was frightened to go. She had everything to live for and didn’t want to depart this world. She was a very good lawyer who wrote law for the state of Kentucky. She was great at what she did. She was good to the bone. Unfortunately, her body didn’t want to stay with us.

She would ask me to pray with her every time we talked. I went into my old toolbox and used every method of prayer I knew of: I prayed in tongues, cast out demons, called for the disease to be dried up and dead, and certainly employed the positive prayer practice I use now. Honestly, at the same time I was praying, I could hear the voice of spirit saying, “It is her time to go, Bo. Help her get ready to go.”

But every time I tried to mention anything but positive things leaning toward healing, she would cut me off. I don’t want to hear anything that isn’t positive. Agreed?  And I would simply agree. What else was I to do? (And inside my heart, I wondered if I was giving up and letting her down.)

So, I prayed silently. A couple months passed and I got the phone call from her sister.

Here are two very different stories with the same spiritual outlook, but with very different endings. How do we line this up in our spiritual consciousness?

I go back to what I call Sacred Contracts. I believe that before we ever came to earth as humans, we met with all the spirits we came to earth with. With the help of angels and God we decided what each of us were going to learn in this lifetime. (Example: Bo is going to be LaVerne’s son. He is going to teach her about healing her body. She is going to teach him about forgiveness. Bo is going to be Mark’s son. Mark is going to a mean, alcoholic and abusive father. Bo will learn to overcome the past and painful memories of the past by the use of his father’s negative patterning. And so forth. Michael will be Bo’s partner. They will break up and Bo will learn some of the hardest lessons of his life. We are all players in a large production of life.)

I believe we also decide when it’s our time to leave the earth, as well. Some will stay around for a long time because their work or their lessons simply aren’t finished. Other’s will go quickly and move on to the spiritual world to help on that end.

This is my belief. I know it may have some holes in it. But it helps me go to sleep at night and be at peace. So, I choose to immerse myself in the concepts. This way, death no longer scares me. Life no longer scares me. And certainly, relationships no longer frighten me. If I have come to learn with these people, I am not going to resist the perfect present any longer. BRING IT ON!

So, healing is about the relinquishing of fighting the present moment. When you let go of moving against the grain, you can actually make some headway into growing from the human experience. And if you are doing your spiritual work and meditating, you will learn that you can find that spiritual perch that is the omniscient observer, and become even more aware of your lessons without judgment.

So, in the case of the two fighting illness, was either wrong?

I don’t think so. I believe that the first man saw the opportunity and was led by spirit to overcome, not just for himself, but for a world of nonbelievers.

In the second scenario, I believe Linda needed to learn that the value of human life isn’t as great as she thought it was. I can say that, because she often comes to me as spirit and speaks to me like old times. If you’ve read some of my blogs about her, you know the story of the silver bell by my bed magically appearing when she died. She mystically speaks in moments of my silence and shares with me, when she is allowed—things I need to know to move forward in life. I love that she continues to be my blessing, even though she is now in the spirit world.

I hope this helps in your spiritual walk today.

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