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Ernest Holmes defines all matter as effects that manifest from our minds. Therefore, he suggests that:

“Heaven is lost merely for the lack of a perception of harmony. Hell is the phantom abode of our morbid imaginations. Heaven and Hell are states of consciousness.”

To some reader this definition of heaven and hell may come as a surprise, as we have been taught by many religions that heaven is a place that exists in the sky with many mansion for us—if—and only if—we are good! Kind of like the Santa Claus complex: You get no toys, unless you are a good boy or girl. And hell is the place we burn for eternity if we are bad.

But, even Jesus, the Master Teacher, says that heaven is within us. So, why are we looking to something outside of ourselves for God? The answer to that question is laden in the many variations of Truth about spirituality that exist in the world. Our hope is to find the facts—or science—about how creation manifests. When we do this, we come to a place of power in this knowledge to create, recreate, and fix the malfunctions in ourselves and in the world with thoughts that align with the Laws of the Universe.

Career and Abundance have always been a place where I have sabotaged myself because I never felt that financial gain was a fruit of the spirit. As I have come to realize that anything that manifests in my life is a result of my beliefs, I can change those thoughts about money and career to the idea that these are a sustaining gifts that God WANTS me to have.

When I changed my mind about this, I noticed that immediately, the abundance in my life increased as did my career. In the past, as I moved toward success in anything, I noticed that the closer I got to my goals, the more fear I had about achieving them. I thought I wouldn’t be enough, have enough, or express enough knowledge to sustain my good. Of course, that again was sabotage.

I treat for myself with a prayer every day, because my mind is apt to go back to fear, because many seeds have been planted therein from my past that have grown like weeds and must be plucked out. As I clear the garden of my mind, I must also plant new seeds. This is why I treat for my own life and mind every day. I ask that Spirit reveal to me my old beliefs, so that I may uproot the negativity and replace them with positive truth that aligns with Divine Law.

I notice that as my own mind is cleared, I have so much more positive energy that I automatically give back to the world in as many ways possible. This is the goal.


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