Heaven Is Not a Place to Lose Your Panties

Heaven Is Not a Place to Lose Your Panties

Steve and I went to Beersheba Springs, Greeter Falls for holiday weekend. I have a place (I’m not going to tell you where it is) that is a secret, magical wonderland. No one knows about it but me and and an old partner of mine of 8 years (I’m not naming names).

Anyway… I haven’t been there in quite awhile, but it is a sanctuary of complete peace and love. You feel it as if you have floated off into a piece of heaven. After a 1/2 mile hike down a long hill, you end up at a large waterfall, where apparently few people go. There were about 15 people there this weekend, and none were Steve and I were basking in the sun except 2 kids to jump off a very high precipice into a watering hole. Kids!

Nonetheless, Steve and I decided to climb behind the place everyone can see and into my secret place. So, when we know no kids are looking, we crawled up a couple steep rocks and began to wade through the creek to the hideaway. As we approached, we notice two figures in the distance… scrambling. One is dressed and one… well, isn’t quite dressed. At least her pants are not on.

Steve is whispering to me, “Turn around, turn around now,” when I realize that the guy coming toward me is a minister friend of mine I haven’t seen in a couple years. I wade over to hug him.

Steve turns a pale shade of green muttering, “I can’t believe we are in the sticks of friggin’ nowhere and he is best friends with a person who has a naked woman on a rock!”

I hug my friend and the girl scrambles to put on her panties and comes over to meet us. She is a couple shades of red herself.

The funny thing is, I had no idea she didn’t have her pants on the entire time. I just saw my friend and wanted to say hello and tell him to get the hell out of my Secret place.

He was toting a journal and said, “Bo, I was just writing in my journal, ‘knock, knock, knock, and in comes Satan into my peace…'”

We both laughed.

His girlfriend said, “I’m so embarrassed that I didn’t have my pants on.”

Steve and I looked at each other and laughed. I said, “Honey, this is one of those times you’ll be glad we’re both gay and neither of us saw or cared.”

It totally broke the ice and we all had a great talk and left them in my secret place alone to canoodle.

Alas, I’ll have to share my secret space with, at least, one 2 other people now. But I do have their numbers. Next time, I’ll make sure to call them before I plan to go to Greet-her falls.


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