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Grace holds two very distinctively different definitions in the American Heritage Dictionary. One definition defines it as “in Christian belief.” The other definition is for the rest of the world—69% who are not Christians.

Definition 1: (in Christian belief) the free and unmerited favor of God, as manifested in the salvation of sinners and the bestowal of blessings.

Definition 2: simple elegance or refinement of movement.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 10.04.32 AMI did not realize how many words have different definitions to non-believers in Spirituality or Religion until I wrote my most recent book. My publisher suggested in the editing process: “I want this book to be read by everyone, including people who consider themselves Atheists or Agnostic.”


This invitation to make my book more affable for the 69% of the world who weren’t Christians gave me great joy. I wanted to share concepts that everyone could use, without the need to demand religious sanction for not agreeing with my word choices. After beginning the process, I realized that when I released all of the words that make God the creator of all, I was left with more choices than I realized: science, nature, metaphor, humanity, Mind, thoughts, emotions, evolution, and certainly grace.

I also noticed that no matter what words I chose to replace the spiritually related ones, in my mind, I could not deny that the power of grace was perfectly manifesting in many attributes of the world. For example, the way a flower blooms, the effortless flight of a bird, the sun reflecting on the lake, and a snow-capped mountain rising above the clouds. This is the kind of love we can perceive on this earth, should we choose to see it this way.

I noticed that there were even more negative words that lead us to a more obscure look at life. These words such as struggle, poverty, anxiety, war, terrorism, and devastation are all quite opposite of this power of grace. It is as if we have to deny one to get to the other. For example, what terrorist positing war could consider the smile of a baby or the beauty of a lily? What anxious person worried about paying the rent this month or feeding a family takes the time to actually smell a fragrant flower and imagine that what created this graceful beauty would surely be available to help him or her in whatever struggle anxiety brings?

We live in a world of opposites. We can always choose to see the positive instead of the negative. We can always find the grace in the mess. We can find a way to understand the world without allowing all of it to be all good or all bad. Humanity needs both sides of this Yin and Yang to be able to choose something! Will that something be to decide you are held in the hands of grace? Or will you choose to believe that what holds the world in place is terrorism?

I cannot live in a world where I wake up every day to negativity. In a world such as that, we have few choices. I would rather just stay asleep and dream of grace. At least, I can pretend I’m safe from all that the news and media suggests would torment us in one day.

Listen my friends! You are not held captive to negative thinking. Negative thinking is your choice—always. You can be held in the hands of grace simply by believing it and acknowledging that grace exists all around you. If negativity were in control of the world, we would all have been destroyed long before today.

Grace is still flowing in the streams and in the blue skies. Which vista will you see today?


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