Hip, Lower Back and Buttocks Pain

Almost every day someone comes up to me with pain in one or more of the places I sited in the title of this blog. I say to them, “I have been wrestling with arthritic pain in all of these places for twenty years or more. Trust me, if you don’t do something about it now, it will never get better. Almost 22 years ago I started to do yoga because I bent down to pick up the sweeper and couldn’t get back up. This is after 15 years of being a professional dancer.”

This morning I woke up in so much pain, I could barely get out of bed. This is coming from someone who systematically deals with the pain every day with a set of exercises and stretches daily and before I go to bed. Can you imagine if I didn’t? I don’t want to have surgery, but ultimately that would be the next step, as even now I have a friend who is going through the prep stages of having a hip replaced. I wonder daily how it would be to go through such a surgery and if it would make things worse, or if it would actually relieve the pain or cause more.

Pain is a tough thing to deal with in life. When people come to my office in pain, I have a myriad of things I can do to help relieve the pain—including hypnotherapy. I don’t know how to get rid of pain for good, but I certainly am an expert in “living with it.”

These cold and hot changes in the weather, damp and then dry, cause a lot of problems in the joints in general. This also releases histamines in the joints and in the nasal cavity. I know that most of the time when I’m having a bad day, it is usually because of the weather. I might, then, take some kind of medicine to ease the pain. I’m not opposed to taking a medication to lessen pain, trust me. If God made it, I’m all about letting the scientists and doctors help me get through the day.

There is a muscle in the hip joint called the iliopsoas that can help alleviate so many of the problems a great deal of people have in the hip, lower back and buttocks. If you do a simple Google search for this muscle, you’ll see where the muscle insertions are and you can probably find many ways to stretch it as well. I won’t go into all of the ways I can help you personally with private sessions, but this muscle, when stretched properly, I believe, is the key to helping most problems in this key area for walking, sitting, running, and flexing from the hip.

Do yourself a favor, today, and begin to unlock the source of your pain, wherever it is and get to the bottom of it. Hiding it, isn’t helping you are anyone in your life, because it’s probably coming out as anger or frustration somewhere. There is relief of some sort if you let someone help you.

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