Holy Listening—My Sheep Know My Voice

I have striven to be open to the voice of God ever since I was six years old and had an experience that changed my life. God spoke to me through a deck of cards first, then in an audible voice.

First a blue haze filled my bedroom. Then I jolted up, afraid but knew something special and auspicious took place. I kept a deck of cards by my bed. I turned on the light and took out the cards, nervously shuffling them. I asked the presence, “If this is God, make this next card be an Ace of Clubs.” I turned the card over. It was an ace of clubs. I asked three more times, and each time the card was as I asked.

From then, a rich deep voice, inaudible to the human ear, but my heart definitely heard it: “I am God. I am here to take care of your and guide you.” That was it! But it changed my life forever.

Not everyone has an experience like this, but I have noticed that the more I ask people about any interesting experiences with God expressing Itself, the more stories I hear. Most people say they have never shared the story before. Mostly likely, people are afraid to share what seems auspicious and haunting, even, perhaps, a little loony.

But I’m hear to tell you, God has said in the bible that His sheep hear his voice. So, all you have to do is be open to hearing. For many people God will show signs. Something synchronistic may happen to show you the way. A person may call whom you have been thinking about. Or, you may just have an unction that just won’t go away. All of these ways are communication from your spiritual center.

One thing that we have to be sure of is making space to hear God. If you just pray and never listen, it would be like having a conversation with a self-centered person. You have to make time for God to answer in the silence. This is when meditation is so important.

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